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WEEK ON IG: Matthew Noszka, Alton Mason, Elliot Meeten, Christian Hogue…

elliott meeten

Best of last week’s Instagrams with Elliot Meeten, Edison Fan, Matthew Noszka, Neels Visser, Aleksa Gavrilovic, Quincy Jones, Manu Rios, Alton Mason and Moritz Hau among other.

See more of the last week’s IG action after the jump:

edison fan“?: @dylirium #mycalvins” @edisonfanye
matthew noszka

“Happy to be home ?”@matthew_noszkaRolando Raleigh

learning to walk on walls with @wadleywadley nothing can stop me walk with me or eat my shorts ” @rolando_raleigh [Photo©WadleyWadley]neels visser

“whoever can make this photo the funniest meme, is my new best friend”@neelsvisseraleksa gavrilovic

“Bringing summer days back!?” @_aleksagavrilovic_quincy jones

“The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique! – #WaltDisney.”@quincySasha Trautvein

“Bonjour Cava ?? Happy Women’s day ?”@sashadidntwakeupxavier serrano

“Feeling lazy today”@xserrano9 – Xavier Serranomanu rios

cozy“@manuriosThom Strijd

“leaving to Germany ??for a few days ?”@thomstrijd1christian hogue

“Half way prepped for the day.”@official_hogue [photo @wadleywadley]elliot meeten

“Better weather than England” @elliotmeeten
alton mason

“let me kno” @altonmason
luca heubl

“Monday Workout ?? what about you today ? ? #teamrocka”@lucahblmoritz hau

Moody Days???Do you believe in faith, or is everyone able to write their own stories in life??Yesterday something rather strange happened to me. I walked past an old, poorly looking homeless man on the street and was thinking about giving him some money. After already having passed him, I decided to go back and donate a few dollars as I felt this was the right action to take in this moment. A few minutes later, on my way home, I found money on the street myself… These are the moments in which I do ask myself if there might really be a higher force in life which is rewarding us for our good actions and decisions we are taking. Even though this might have been only a coincidence and nothing spiritual at all, it still does remind me to act the same way next time! “@moritz_hauron levi

Having fun on the set @royreshef .“@ron_.levi

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