How to Buy an Engagement Ring for Men

An engagement ring is a symbol of commitment and exclusivity so there’s no reason why a man shouldn’t be wearing one.

Engagement Ring for Men
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Engagement rings are traditionally given to a woman to express love and devotion. However, engagement rings for men are becoming more and more popular. An engagement ring is a symbol of commitment and exclusivity so there’s no reason why a man shouldn’t be wearing one.

So, if you have decided to celebrate the promise by giving a ring to your fiance, here is how to find the right ring.

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engagement ring for men
Photo ©Kurt Lavastida for MMSCENE

Set a Limit or At Least a Ballpark

Spending within your budget is always a wise decision and for an expensive purchase like a diamond engagement ring, you need to set a ceiling. The prices of men’s engagement rings can vary, based on quality and design. Before you go out ring shopping, decide how much you want to spend on this specific gift. That will save you a lot of time, as you will not have to choose from a myriad of rings.

Know the Basics

Understanding the 4C’s of diamond is important even when you are buying the engagement ring for men. Diamonds are expensive so you need to make sure you are getting a diamond of fine quality. The 4C’s include clarity, color, cut, and carat. Know what counts as ‘good’ regarding each C before you start to look for different options.

The good color in diamond is in the scale of D-G under the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grading. The clarity above Si is deemed as fine and the cut grade for a quality diamond is good or excellent. Whereas, the carat is more about your budget than the stone’s quality.

Go to a Reliable Jeweler

Consider different vendors or stores before making a purchase. You do not need to go out in the market and visit a dozen different stores. Most businesses have set up their websites and you can easily check the store’s website and look out for the reviews before actually visiting the store. Online shopping also means that you can buy from a vendor in another country. For example, you can find diamond rings in Dubai at a much lower cost and you don’t have to fly to Dubai to make this purchase. You can easily do so through an online store that sells engagement rings in Dubai.

Make sure that you are buying from a reliable vendor with proper shipping and returns policies. Mostly, reputable jewelers do have this policy in place.

Know the Diamond’s Origin

Buying a diamond with a known origin helps ensure that it was mined through responsible, sustainable, and ethical means. Moreover, jewelry is more appreciated when it has backstories. These stories make it more interesting and important. So, try to get as much details about the stone as possible. That will enable to share an interesting context of the ring with your potential spouse and make the ring more meaningful.

Kurt Lavastida
Photo ©Kurt Lavastida for MMSCENE

Be Mindful of His Taste and Style

Buying the fine quality engagement ring for men and taking care of the 4C’s is a good thing. But that should not overshadow the recipient’s taste and style. Men’s diamond jewelry is available in many different styles. That relies mainly on the man’s dressing and fashion choices. For example, if your partner usually wears decent and basic colors, a flashy diamond ring is not a good choice for him.
The GIA grading should be one of the many determinants of what counts as a good engagement ring rather than being the only factor.

Choose the right setting

Once you have found the perfect stone, it is time to pick out the setting. The ring’s setting is like the frame of an artwork with the stone being the artwork. You cannot care less for the frame of an art piece. So, when it comes to an engagement ring for men be creative and attentive while choosing the setting of the ring.

Don’t Seal the Deal Right Away

It is good if you’ve found a good option without searching much but you shouldn’t buy something right away. It is important to compare different options and ask others (especially the one who is going to be the recipient).

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