6 Factors to Consider Before Upgrading Your Diamond Ring

Here are six factors to take in account before upgrading your diamond ring

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Upgrading an engagement diamond ring can be stressful. A more traditional cut could now appeal to you more than a stylish marquise stone, depending on how your taste has evolved. Perhaps your joint bank account is now larger than it was when you first got married.

How do you choose the features you prefer in a new ring? How can you replace the diamond in your engagement ring while keeping its sentimental value if you’re keeping the old one? How do you tell your partner what you want? Here are six factors to consider before upgrading your diamond ring.

1. Contemplate Sentimental Value

Most couples are concerned about keeping sentimental value when upgrading. There are many ways to include your original ring’s emotional significance in your most recent upgrade. It’s important to know what your old ring means to you emotionally and find out how to express that in your new diamond ring.

For instance, if the side stones or center stones in your engagement ring are family antiques, you can have the ring fashioned in a unique style. If there is a particular element of the design that has special significance to you, you can ensure it remains in the new version. With a little thought and attention, anything is achievable, even if you have to be creative to save your ring’s sentimental value. Keep in mind that if you’re unsure of how to include a meaningful element of the diamond ring in your upgrade, you can always consult with a professional jeweler.

2. The Appraisal

We suggest that you have a reliable and skilled buyer tell you how much your current ring is worth. This will enable you to receive the most value for your new ring. Get the portions of the ring that you won’t be using, such as the band, side stones, and diamonds, appraised even if you plan to keep some of it and discard the rest. Proceeds from the sale of these items can be used to pay for your new ring.

Photography by ©David Urbanke for DSCENE

3. Your Upgrade Budget

Set your upgrading budget after your old diamond ring has been valued. You can include the selling price of your old ring in your new spending limit if you plan to sell it in whole or in part.

It is ultimately up to you to choose the maximum upgrade budget. There’s no wrong or right amount you should spend, so before you create a budget you can stick to, think about what’s best for your financial circumstances and goals.

Keep your existing center stone and only improve the setting if your remodeling budget is restricted. The most costly components of a diamond ring are usually the main stone and the diamonds. By simply leaving your center stone the same and altering your setting, you can have a diamond ring that looks new for a fraction of the price of a new ring.

4. Your Style

You don’t need to make any preparations in advance if you love the design of your engagement ring and would only prefer a larger carat-weight center stone or upgrade to a better quality. Just buy the biggest gemstone your upgrade budget will allow for and have a jeweler put it in the setting of your current ring. However, if you want to modify the ring’s settings, you’ll need to pay close attention to the design of your new ring.

Focusing on the features of your current engagement ring that you no longer appreciate is a good place to start. Consider adding center stones or upgrading a plain ring to a pavé band for added glitz. Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds add a splash of color and make a classic ring feel more distinctive.

Once you’ve determined what part of the design of your old ring needs to be improved, you can start looking for new gemstones and/or ring settings that have the features your previous ring lacked.

5. The Diamond Size

Given that tastes may vary as people age, it shouldn’t be shocking that many couples ultimately wish to increase the size of their stone. Before adopting this strategy, it is essential to acknowledge that not every ring has the same setting. To make a gem or stone bigger, jewelers usually have to look at the item and figure out what will work for each customer.

Your present ring settings, the size difference, and your financial situation may all have an impact on how you’ll upgrade. Before talking to your jeweler, get a feel of the size of the diamond you’re looking for (whether that be the change in carat diameter or weight). After you decide to make the diamond bigger, think about the clarity and color you want.

Photography by ©David Urbanke for DSCENE

6. The Jewelry Designer

You can begin speaking with jewelry designers after you are certain of the kind of ring design you want and the price range you have available for this upgrade. Here’s what to look for in a jewelry designer:

  • Samples of successful bespoke diamond ring designs: The easiest approach to determining whether you are satisfied with the outcomes is to request samples of photographs of bespoke engagement rings they have created in the past.
  • Experience in designing custom engagement rings: Another thing you should check is whether they have designed custom engagement rings before. This demonstrates that they are skilled enough to adapt to your preferred ring design.
  • Diamond rings specialty: You should collaborate with a jeweler who only specializes in diamond rings. This ensures that they are familiar with diamonds and how diamond rings are put together.

It’s crucial to seek designers that can work within your financial budget. A diamond jewelry designer who concentrates on creating designs for inexpensive engagement rings would probably charge a lower rate than one who sells high-end, expensive engagement diamonds.


Deciding on what to do with a ring that no longer feels right to you can be a difficult and sometimes, an emotional affair. Talking to a trusted jeweler about the best way to change your ring can be a lot less stressful. If you have a set budget that you must stick to, look for designers who can help you choose an upgraded diamond that won’t cost more than you can afford.

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