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The ‘Feast’ Collection: Our Legacy FW 24

A Journey of Maturity and Sophistication

Courtesy of Our Legacy

OUR LEGACY recently introduced their Fall 24 collection titled ‘feast‘. This collection is a celebration of gatherings, portrayed in a disorderly yet captivating manner, taking inspiration from proletarian settings. The collection is dedicated to detail, allowing for the minutiae to become focal points of each ensemble. The fashion show, part of the collection’s launch, is a melting pot of generations, an eclectic mix that draws from all facets of festivity preparations and enjoyment.

Courtesy of Our Legacy

Key elements of the collection include a blend of formal and casual wear, such as strict tie-knots paired with less assuming tracksuits marked with artificial cooking stains, and versatile garments that can adjust for comfort after long periods of sitting. This unique mix of elements brings together the informal with the refined, creating contrasts between delicate ballerina shoes and distressed denim, tailored suits and ripped knitwear.

Courtesy of Our Legacy

The Fall 24 ‘feast’ collection also delves into the nostalgia of home life, drawing inspiration from domestic elements like tablecloths, worn-down furniture, and curtains. These themes are reflected in the outerwear, as well as through other creative interpretations such as aprons, and kitchen details like shelving lace-borders and bread clamps, which are ingeniously transformed into prints for fabrics and designs for silver jewelry.

Courtesy of Our Legacy

Cristopher Nying, the Creative Director of OUR LEGACY, describes this collection as a revisitation and evolution of the characters from their Fall 2019 show, ‘Chambre Separée‘. These characters return after a hiatus, now portrayed as older and more mature. Nying emphasizes the role of borrowed elements in the collection, such as ties, glasses, or gloves, which elevate the youthful characters to a higher level of style and elegance.

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