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Simon Cracker Spring/Summer 2025

“A Matter of Principle” Challenges Norms and Provokes Thought with Unique Designs and Collaborations

Courtesy of Simon Cracker-Simon Cracker Spring/Summer 2025

The Simon Cracker Spring/Summer 2025 collection, titled “A Matter of Principle,” explores the intricacies of communication and interpersonal relationships through the lens of fashion. The concept stems from the notion that invoking a ‘matter of principle’ can create a communicative ‘knot,’ complicating interactions. This collection seeks to spark critical thinking and address contemporary issues through fashion.

Courtesy of Simon Cracker

Drawing inspiration from Ronald D. Laing‘s 1970 book “Knots,” the designers employed knotting as the primary technique in their creations. The garments are predominantly fashioned through knotting, featuring flaps of fabric, drawstrings, strings, and laces. These elements provide a dual sense of unity and decoration while also hinting at constriction, encapsulating the paradoxes of communication.

The collection showcases four ‘nervous’ colors: absolute black, artificial blue, acid green, and violet. These shades perpetuate the ‘wrong’ dyeing effect from the previous season, adding a dynamic and edgy aesthetic. This unconventional color palette reinforces the collection’s theme of challenging norms and provoking thought.

Courtesy of Simon Cracker

A key highlight of the collection is the collaboration with Australian, a historic Italian brand renowned for its tennis apparel and sportswear. Simon Cracker repurposed deadstock from Australian to create upcycled pieces, integrating semi-assembled garments into the new designs. Additionally, a capsule of black/neon technical garments was developed in collaboration with Australian’s creative team, enriching the main collection.

Courtesy of Simon Cracker

Another noteworthy collaboration is with DR. MARTENS, a brand celebrated for its iconic and principled footwear. The designers transformed the brand’s deadstock by dyeing, disassembling, and hand-customizing each pair with pins, badges, and vintage costume jewelry. This process ensures that each pair of shoes is one-of-a-kind, mirroring the unique nature of Simon Cracker’s clothing.

Simon Cracker leverages fashion to illuminate and critique societal issues, aiming to raise awareness and stimulate critical thinking. Designers Simone and Filippo have crafted a collection that is not only visually captivating but also profoundly meaningful, encouraging viewers to ponder the principles that shape our world.

View the collection in the Gallery below:

Written by Anastasija Pavic

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