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Kiton Men’s Spring Summer 25 Collection

This season, Kiton is prioritizing vibrant colors and exceptional comfort for the modern traveler

Kiton Men’s Spring Summer 25 / Courtesy of Kiton

Presented at Milano Fashion Week, Kiton’s Spring Summer 2025 men’s collection is made for the modern man who is always on the go, whether he’s going from a Soho flat to a lodge in the Swiss Alps. The concept behind this season’s selections is that elegance should be adaptable and look good from morning to night. The collection features a vibrant palette of colors, including cool browns, bright yellows, ruby reds, greens, and oranges, which add an optimistic touch to classic ensembles, making formality dynamic and lively.

Courtesy of Kiton

The larger and softer silhouettes of the Kiton Spring Summer 2025 collection provide comfort and practicality. The versatility of shirts, trousers and jackets is increased by this design choices, which keeps them elegant and suitable for any setting.

Courtesy of Kiton

The commitment of Kiton to obtaining the best materials is a cornerstone of their company, and this collection is no different. The collection includes high-end textiles made only at the Carlo Barbera wool mill, like blends of cashmere and silk, ultralight cashmere and cashmere and linen. The craftsmanship of shirts, jumpers, overcoats, and jackets is enhanced by these materials. In addition, the collection has designs and themes inspired by the late 1990s, including huge yet narrow rectangles reminiscent of Josef Albers’ artwork, as well as denim-effect fabrics that hold up even after washing.

Courtesy of Kiton

Accessories play a key role in this collection, providing the finishing touches to each look. With new designs ranging from finely constructed loafers in youthful shapes to ultralight sneakers and inventive car shoes, the footwear collection is especially notable. These accessories are the outcome of research into various materials and styles, ensuring that each piece both adds to and enhances the collection’s overall appeal.

Courtesy of Kiton

Kiton’s attention to detail extends to the rediscovery of dyes and tones, which brings a fresh perspective to the collection. This focus on color not only brightens the wardrobe but also breaks up the monotony that can stifle creativity and ingenuity. By embracing a diverse color palette and innovative designs, Kiton ensures that the modern man’s wardrobe is anything but routine. Each piece is designed to be comfortable, functional, and elegant, making it an ideal companion for both work and leisure travel. See more of the Kiton Men’s Spring Summer 25 in the Gallery below:

Written by Pavle Banovic

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