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5 Ways to Style a Leather Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket can be found in a variety of materials, but leather is by far the most preferred choice as it gives the bomber style an appearance that is unmatched

5 Ways to Style a Leather Bomber Jacket
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When it comes to men’s statement outerwear, the first thing that comes to mind is the leather bomber jacket. Besides giving off strong vibes, bomber jackets are easily styled, making it the ultimate choice of fashion savvy men around the world.

There is a fascinating history behind why the bomber jacket is still in vogue even decades after being introduced. We can trace the exclusiveness and functionality of this jacket back to World War times when it was explicitly designed as a utility jacket for pilots. No one knew that it would someday be recognized as a fashion statement and become a part of every man’s wardrobe.

The bomber jacket is available in its original boxy and oversized shape, as well as slim fit styles. The cuffs and hemline are cinched either with a buckle or ribbed, knit elastic. There are several designs of bomber jackets available, with A-1, G-1, MA-1, and shearling being the most popular.

A bomber jacket can be found in a variety of materials, but leather is by far the most preferred choice as it gives the bomber style an appearance that is unmatched.

Style Inspiration For Men’s Leather Bomber Jackets

Now that we have a brief intro on what a bomber jacket is, it’s time to steer our attention towards building upscale outfits with it.

There is a unique blend of humbleness and magnificence in the bomber jackets that impresses onlookers. Popular influencers and celebrities often give interesting inspiration to style your leather jacket. However, filtering through the thousands of images on social media to find the right look for you can be tedious. Hence, we are here to help you with five unique, no-fail bomber jacket looks.

1.   Bomber Jacket With Ripped Jeans for a Youthful Look

Easily pulled together in seconds, this outfit with a slim-fit bomber jacket and ripped jeans will give you the youthful, carefree look. Opt for a bomber jacket in two shades, like silver and black, and wear it over a plain T-shirt. Alternatively, you can opt for a turtleneck instead of a T-shirt if the weather is chilly.

The choice of bottoms with this look is a pair of ripped jeans that perfectly defines a nonchalant style.

Amp up this fabulous outfit with a pair of black ankle boots. This type of footwear perfectly complements the rugged, relaxed look of the ensemble. This look also gives you a chance to wear your beaded or leather strap wristbands.

5 Ways to Style a Leather Bomber Jacket

2. Brown Bomber with Black Jeans for a Sleek, Dressed Up Look

It’s incredible how the bomber jacket easily fits into every kind of look, be it the laid-back casual or a smart casual, dressed-up style. If you are looking for a ritzy look that is apt for a killer first impression, choose a rich brown bomber jacket.

Build an outfit with a striped henley, black slim fit chinos, and your classy brown bomber jacket. The footwear choice can be diverse with this outfit. Choose a pair that adds to the dressy look and gives a nice contrast or matches with the rich color combination of the jacket and chinos. You can either go for brown double monk straps or black chukka boots as both go well with the smart casual style besides looking stylish.

Don’t forget to choose a sleek men’s watch to finish off the look with panache.

5 Ways to Style a Leather Bomber Jacket

3. The Quilted Black Bomber Jacket for an Athletic Look

A well-structured bomber will help you create athleisure looks. This fusion of comfort and style is trending a lot these days due to the dashing look it gives to the wearer. Plus, the athletic look is a great way to show off the hard work you have been doing at the gym. 

The comfortable silhouette of the bomber makes it apt outerwear for athleisure-style outfits. You can pair essentials like chinos, joggers, crew neck shirts, or polo shirts with the jacket to create modern athletic looks.

Select a slim fit quilted black bomber jacket for a sporty outfit. Wear it over a polo shirt and joggers for the casual feel. Choose a pair of white sneakers to nail the athleisure look. The good thing about this style is that you don’t need to stick to a neutral palette and can use flashy colored essentials with it.

5 Ways to Style a Leather Bomber Jacket

4. Macho Look With a Blue Bomber Jacket

If you desire a macho look that exudes rugged, handsome vibes, you can easily do so with a bomber jacket in blue color. 

Make sure to get your hands on a jacket that brings out the masculinity in you and is versatile enough to be paired with a variety of different clothing essentials. 

For the edgy and casual ultramasculine look, we suggest you wear a grey t-shirt and charcoal grey jeans to make an appealing combination with the blue color of your jacket. Put on a pair of suede boots and a leather strap watch, and you will be attracting appreciative gazes in no time.

5 Ways to Style a Leather Bomber Jacket

5. The Prim, Dapper Look With the Green Bomber Jacket

The vintage inspired army green color is very popular in bomber jackets. The color gives striking vibes, which you can use to create a dapper look. The green bomber jacket will be an article of ideal clothing essential for your smart-casual looks.

You can build a flattering look with your green jacket by pairing it with a white t-shirt and khakis. You can add an aesthetic appeal to this outfit by wearing aviator sunglasses and a dress watch. For footwear, choose a pair of suede derby shoes to match the prim look of the outfit. 


The suggested outfits will cater to your style needs on casual and smart casual occasions, as the leather bomber jackets can make terrific outfits with varying levels of formality. The key is to choose essentials and accessories that create harmony in achieving a particular look. Also, make sure that you choose a high quality jacket that lasts long in your wardrobe and is versatile enough to build several outfits. 


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