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Fashion Frontiers: the Ingredients of the Western Style

Let’s examine all of the distinguishing items of apparel that ought to be included in every chic cowboy ensemble

Photography by ©Alex Evans for MMSCENE

If you keep up with the latest fashion trends, then you know that western clothing has never actually gone out of style. Every season, famous fashion designers release new collections that include various clothing items that are unique to the so-called western aesthetic, such as cowboy denim jackets, denim jeans, yoked plaided shirts, cowboy boots and hats.

Once you give the style a try, you’ll find that there is something quite unique about it that makes you stand out from the crowd. Fun, versatile, comfy and eye-catching, the western look can be easily distinguished, so it won’t be difficult to spot a person who rocks it with pride and a sense of flair.

But, how do you put together a western outfit that actually looks fashionable and not as if you’re wearing a costume? The secret to achieving this is to combine the right pieces. So, let’s take a look at all of the distinguishing pieces of clothing that should be part of any fashionable cowboy outfit.

Photography by ©Alex Evans for MMSCENE

Blue Jeans

Denim is a Western classic for both ranch and everyday wear. In other words, because it is the most fundamental layering garment, it will function as a style cornerstone in your closet.

Choose denim classics from brands with Old West roots, such as Wrangler.  The brand is well-known around the world for producing jeans that endure a long time and fit well on a variety of body shapes. The brand is also popular among those searching for denim jeans that are versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits.

Once considered the jeans choice for farmers and other manual labourers, Wranglers’ jeans are now used as an outfit for different kinds of events. They are also available in a variety of fit and style options, making it easy to locate and choose the right pair of jeans for your body type.

Although the company is focused on making serious durable and high-quality jeans, you can also find a variety of Wrangler western clothing including shirts, jackets and belts. You can shop Wranglers western clothing at western apparel retailers, select department stores, sporting goods stores and discount retailers.

Cowboys wear a couple of different types of jeans. Traditional fits are preferred by certain cowboys, while boot cuts are preferred by others. It all comes down to personal choice. The most common cuts of jeans that cowboys use are:

  • Bootcut jeans – the typical Western denim style since they are designed to be worn with boots. A basic dark wash will work nicely with most boot types in your collection and will fit you well for both fancy and casual situations.
  • Traditional fit/straight leg jeans – To provide all-day comfort, classic fit jeans are narrow across the seat and thighs and sit just below the natural waist. This style is versatile and may be used with both western and work boots.
  • Regular fit jeans – These have a large leg opening and a mid-rise cut that fits straight from hip to thigh. Because of the broader leg opening, they may be worn with heeled cowboy boots, and ankle or paddock boots.
Photography by ©Alex Evans for MMSCENE

Western Shirts

Yokes have historically been a feature of Western shirts to provide enough support for the looser areas around the chest and shoulder region. To help rodeo riders stand out from other competitors, these shirts were additionally stitched and decorated.

Today, those who have embraced the western aesthetic can be seen donning shirts in muted hues like rust, sea green, or dull blue. In terms of decorative motifs, embroidery is still widely used in western fashion.

Denim flannels are another excellent choice; just keep in mind to tuck them in rather than wear them out with a traditional white shirt. In order to prevent these shirts from coming untucked from your pants, we advise you to use long-cut versions.

Cowboy Boots

Simply put, you cannot wear country clothing without a pair of cowboy or cowgirl boots. Cowboy boots were formerly a common item of clothing in the west and were worn out of necessity rather than as a statement piece. They served as a barrier between the rider’s calves and the saddle leather to prevent rubbing and prevent scratches from thorny plants they rode through.

Nowadays, a wide selection of western boots is available. They’re generally made from leather and they can have intriguing accents such as leather straps or ornate decorations and embroidery. A pair of these boots will not only make you seem like the ultimate bad cowboy or cowgirl, but they will also keep your feet warm, dry, and comfy, especially during the chilly winter season.

When shopping for a cowboy boot, choose a type that complements your style best. Keep in mind that the idea is to appear confident, relaxed and comfortable. After all, this is all the western style is about.

Photography by ©Alex Evans for MMSCENE

Cowboy Hat

For some women, hats are an ultra-stylish accessory they can’t live without. Well, cowboys and cowgirls also need their hats to complete their looks.  This probably explains why many people envision a cowboy hat when they hear the word “cowboy.” It is often regarded as the definitive item of Old West clothing.

Cowboy hats have a high crown and a broad brim, which can be flat or curved. Available in different materials including straw, felt, or leather, this allows you to choose one for warm and one for cold weather. Today, you can get hats in every colour, but the most common are brown and black, or shades of beige. Modern cowboy hats sometimes have a beautiful hatband that can be embellished with studs, beads, conchos, or embroidery.

Photography by ©Alex Evans for MMSCENE


Accessories are that final touch that makes your look effortlessly perfect. When it comes to accessorising western clothing, nothing beats leather accessories like the traditional leather belt. Consider choosing a model with a distinctive statement-making buckle that complements any other accent element on your clothing. Basic belt designs with mild western motifs, for example, look great with embroidered western shirts. If you’re still unsure about the specifics, you can forgo the patterns or go for a more simple shirt design.

Another fashionable “western” accessory to add to your look is bandanas. They great way to add an intriguing splash of colour or pattern to your standard pieces, like your denim outfits. So, make sure to have a few interesting patterns on hand, ranging from the fiery red ones that will make any leather-dominated ensemble look even bolder to the dark blue ones that will go wonderfully with denim shirts and trousers.

Images from STYLE OVERTIME – The Evolution Of Menswear by Alex Evans – See the full story here


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