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5 Timeless Classic Garments every Man Should Have

What are the best garments that you can invest in?

If there’s one thing that every man should invest in, it’s classic garments. The main reason is that classic menswear never goes out of style. While it’s a bit pricier than sport-leisure clothes, classic garments like suits, good-looking dress shoes and even driving gloves are the ultimate gentlemanly investment a man could make as both the quality is much better, and the sophisticated style will look good in twenty years time.

So, that begs the question. What are the best garments that you can invest in? With so many different choices available to men out there, you should choose wisely what to buy and what to skip.

That’s why we sat down and started thinking about what, according to us, are the best garments you can invest in. From men’s fedora hats to a bespoke suit, there’s a lot to choose from, but we think we picked the best you can buy. So, let’s get stranded, shall we?

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A custom-tailored bespoke suit is one of the most powerful pieces of garment you can invest in.

What’s the piece of clothing that makes you feel powerful? Well, of course, it’s a suit. But not just any off the rack, $500 dollar suit. No, no. We’re talking about a different type of suit.

One that’s made specifically for you, by a tailor who specializes in traditional menswear tailoring.

But prepare to pay a premium for that. See, suit tailoring is a craft packed full of heritage and history. A craft that’s passed from father to sons. And it’s a craft that’s disappearing, with fewer and fewer people being trained to become master tailors.

So, investing in a nice suit is actually investing in heritage and skill. And while the premium price is sometimes too high to justify, a well-fitting, good looking suit is always in style, serving you for years to come.

A classic style hat is always great to keep yourself warm in the colder winter months.

Let’s just say that you can’t put on your hoodie with a suit. And a baseball cap won’t do the job either unless you want to look like Forest Gump.

That’s why you need a quality, classic hat to keep your head warm. And while this doesn’t exactly look like something you want to put money in, a high-quality hat can always come in handy.

Our best bet is a fedora. They always look badass, and the high quality of the hat means that you can be sure it will look good for years to come.

As a self-respecting man, you should invest in a custom made pair of dress shoes.

And, while we’re on the topic of high-quality garments, let’s talk about shoes.

Shoes are a particularly picky topic in the menswear world. Mostly, because shoes can make or break your style.

But investing in quality, handmade, or higher quality dress shoes will almost certainly mean they can make your style stand out. And contrary to what you may think, we aren’t talking about flashy dress shoes here. Oh no. What we’re talking about are sleek, brown, black, or even burgundy Oxfords and Derby’s and Brogues.

So, make sure you try all three types of shoes and see what suits your style best.

Driving gloves will always come in handy if you like driving around.

Now, this is mostly for the people out there who love to drive. And it doesn’t matter if new fast cars are your vice, or you’re more like the type of person who enjoys old, small, but immensely fun cars.

A pair of well-made leather driving gloves is one of the coolest garments you can get yourself. A cool trick is to get a pair of gloves in the color of your car. Or racing green, they’re both cool.

Dress shirts tapered by a professional tailor can help you look better and more fashionable.

And our final pick is the dress shirt. But with a twist. We’re going with the tailored dress shirt.

That means that when you get your dress shirt from the store, go to a tailor and get it tapered on the sides. This will get rid of the so-called muffin top that ill-fitting shirts get.

Now that we shared our favorite menswear garments, we sincerely hope you invest your hard-earned money into the garments that truly matter to you.

And if you aren’t sure yet, you can start with a single thing. Buy a suit, or a hat, or a pair of badass leather racing green leather driving gloves.

Images by Danilo Pavlovic for MMSCENE.


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