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Military Attire That’s Started A Trend: Military Style Tips

These military-inspired trends are fast becoming staples in every fashion-forward man’s wardrobe

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Men’s fashion has come a long way in recent years, although a few old-timey men’s wear items have stuck throughout the ages; the classic rugged leather jacket is just one example. What’s more intriguing is that some trends of the day have been derived from military heritage, making a massive impact on the men’s fashion world, with some even overflowing to make a statement in women’s fashion trends this year. These military-inspired trends are fast becoming staples in every fashion-forward man’s wardrobe.

Military Headwear

The classic military flat-top hat with camo prints has become quite popular. However, other military headwear with a more casual essence, such as US marine corps covers that can be found in various designs, has also become a leading headgear trend in men’s fashion. The marine covers are easier to style for a casual outfit. At the same time, more blatant military headwear like camo bandanas are better left for the fashionably daring men out there who aren’t afraid to make a bold statement.

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Combat Boots

You can wear combat boots with almost anything, and the durability of these military-inspired boots means they are sure to last several years on the fashion scene. What’s more, combat boots are also a prominent trend this year in women’s fashion, with some variants showcasing a bold heel design. When it comes to styling your pair of combat boots, it is best to opt for a regular pair of well-fitting denim jeans, while a plain shirt, vest, or even a patterned button-down shirt can go well with these classic army-look boots.


Chinos have been around for quite a few years already, although most of us had no idea that the style staple was in fact inspired by military attire. Soldiers don’t only suit up in camo as we often see them in a classic pair of beige chinos. Various military forces around the globe opt for beige or khaki chinos as part of their military uniform. When purchasing a good pair of chinos, the fit is everything, and quality is vital; loose-fitting chinos don’t look good on anyone. Try to opt for 100% cotton when it comes to materials.

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Camo Button-Down Shirts

Another growing trend in men’s fashion inspired by military heritage is the iconic camo button-down shirts. These shirts can be worn with a plain white vest or t-shirt underneath as a layering piece. What’s more, you can also opt for a thicker fabric and wear your button-down as a layering jacket, paired with combat boots and jeans, and you are sure to pull off a complete military-inspired outfit.

Various other trends have been pulled from military heritage, such as the classic dog-tag trend. However, it is best to keep things minimal when it comes to pulling off these items and opt for one military-inspired piece per outfit. You won’t want to be mistaken for a veteran or a soldier while walking around the mall or attending a bachelor’s party, so be sure to plan your outfits and keep things neat and straightforward to carry the heritage of military fashion trends confidently.

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