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Santoni Men’s Spring Summer 25 Collection

Santoni’s latest collection is influenced by traditional dyeing methods and the Le Marche region

Santoni Men’s Spring Summer 25 / Courtesy of Santoni

“Light & Shadow; Land of Dreamers,” the theme of Santoni‘s Men’s Spring Summer 2025 collection, encourages us to enter “Piazza Santoni,” an important region influenced by the vibrant culture of Le Marche. This region, famous for its history, offers a setting against which summer light shapes hillsides into striking coasts. The collection captures the region, where light and shadow create a mesmerizing play of colors that inspire dreams and creativity. The brand’s designers and artisans are inspired by this atmosphere, which challenges them to become experts of bold colour, graceful forms, and creative movement.

Courtesy of Santoni

Santoni’s distinctive use of colour in SS25, which debuted during Milan Fashion Week, introduces fresh exploration with ancient dyeing techniques. These methods infuse the collection with depth and richness by bringing to life the warm natural tones of Urbino, Terracotta, Pavone, Quercia, Mosto, and Olivo. These colours go well with the brand-name Arancio Santoni, a classy orange that symbolises the dusk sky above Le Marche.

Courtesy of Santoni

The Double Buckle men’s shoe remains one of the central pieces in the collection, now updated with brilliant patinas in the Infinito color scheme. This classic shoe is characterized by hand-applied color and Goodyear construction. The lace-up version, finished with an oak tone glaze and exquisite broguing, evokes the starry night sky.

Courtesy of Santoni

The Carlo loafer stands out as a cornerstone of the collection, unlined and made of fine reverse suede with a hand-stitched raised upper. Because of its flexibility, ease, and light weight, this design may be added to almost any outfit. Drawing inspiration from the Adriatic Sea, the loafer features an unlined, lightweight design with a gentle patina finish and Velatura pigment application, producing rich, deep colours that exceed the surface.

Courtesy of Santoni

The collection continues with the introduction of the Easy shoe, weighing just 295 grams. The DBS Oly Cube and DBS Zoom are two examples of the modern-retro trainers in the collection that further dive into the idea of dreamers. Santoni’s iconic Double Buckle is reinterpreted in these styles, which are reminiscent of vintage ’70s tennis shoes. Meanwhile, the Bounce sneaker, with its hand-colored leather upper and clean rubber sole, provides comfort and flexibility.

Courtesy of Santoni

The choice of materials for accessories and leather goods ranges from soft leather treated with handcrafted glazes to exclusive weaves that pay homage to Le Marche’s rich tradition of weaving. Take a closer look at the Santoni Men’s Spring Summer 25 in the Gallery below:

Written by Pavle Banovic

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