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Everyday Carry: Fashion And Function For Men

Here is a list of accessories one may want to carry for both fashion and function

As you prepare to go out and run some errands, you bring with you some essentials that you might use throughout the day. These essentials are commonly known as Everyday Carry (EDC). These are things one must bring to survive and be at ease while they’re out and about.

EDC applies to everyone; they only differ depending on one’s needs and the purpose of the trip. Generally, most men bring the same essentials for their needs and convenience. However, fashionable men also need to carry items to complete or complement their looks. Below is a list of things these men may need to bring for fashion and function:

Pocket Knife

While this is more of an optional EDC, a pocket knife can be a great thing to carry to keep yourself safe. With this, you can protect yourself from potential dangers and allow yourself to have something to use when you need to open something that cannot be torn easily. As you read some EDC pocket knives & flashlight reviews, as they go well hand in hand in case of accidents, ensure that you look for one that’s compact and fashionable. This way, you can keep yourself stylish and protected at the same time.


Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to survive without a smartphone in your hand. With a smartphone, you can quickly search for resources online, get in touch with your friends and family, take photos, see the map, or even book a ride-sharing app. To make your phone look extra fashionable, you might consider using a trendy case that can help make your outfit look sophisticated. You can choose between having a plain-colored silicone case or leather to achieve a sophisticated look.

Credit Card

Today, almost everyone uses credit cards than cash to complete their transactions since the entire process is quicker and easier. All you need to do is enter your pin or sign a receipt, and you’re good to go. While there’s no way to make your card fashionable, you can always use a card organizer or holder to make your card look stylish. Ideally, go for thin holders so you can easily slip them inside your back pocket.

House And Car Keys

There’s nothing more frustrating than leaving your home, locking the doors behind you, only to realize that you’ve left all your keys inside. With that, you should keep your house and car keys right by your main door so you can easily spot them before leaving. To spice it up a bit, you can use a classy keychain, such as leather or metal, and allow your keys to be organized and stylish at the same time.

Phone Charger

If you plan on being outside for quite a while, a charger can be a handy thing to bring along so you can recharge your phone anytime. Depending on where you’re going, you can bring along the cable and wall adapter or your cable and a power bank for maximum convenience. To keep them organized, use a cable organizer to hold your cables in place and avoid them from getting tangled while they’re inside your bag or pocket. It’ll also help to preserve your cable’s lifespan as you prevent them from getting damaged.



For men who have poor eyesight or are highly sensitive to the sun’s rays, eyewear is an EDC must-have. This way, you can allow yourself to see clearly as you go out or protect your eyes from the sun’s brightness. Alternatively, you can use photochromic eyeglasses that automatically darken when you expose them to UV light. To make your eyewear look stylish, look for the right eye frame shape that best complements your face shape.


If you smoke regularly, bringing a lighter with you is a must. You can also use it to light up a campfire if you need to. While there are plenty of lighters you can easily purchase at your local convenience stores, they might not be the most fashionable piece out there. To make your lighter complement your outfit, you should look for stylish and fashion-forward ones, preferably made out of metal. Some can also offer wooden cases to make it look more classy. The choice would be up to your preferences or how you dress, as you’ll only need to refill them once the gas runs out.


Of course, one must never leave without their wallets inside their pockets. A wallet can hold items that a person needs to survive outside. A wallet can keep cash, cards, and identification if something happens. With the convenience a wallet can bring, it’ll be great if you could allow this piece to be fashionable. You can begin by looking for leather bi- or trifold wallets and choose which color best complements your outfit. The safest choice would always be between using black or dark brown.


If you’re in for a long trip while outside, bringing headphones with you might be necessary to keep yourself entertained. This way, you can have something to listen to and provide enough privacy so no other people can hear what you’re listening to and keep your area nice and quiet. There are many types of headphones that you can use. You can choose between earbuds, wired earbuds, or headphones to fully enjoy every beat. To keep yourself stylish, it’ll be great if you could select a solid color, such as black or white, to help match your outfit perfectly and avoid making it too loud.


If you’re going to run some errands outside, you might need to bring a pen with you so you can quickly fill in forms and sign documents. While some might offer you a pen, bringing your own can ensure that you avoid any possible inconvenience. Make sure to purchase black ink, as some establishments don’t allow colored ink. Moreover, try to look for classy fountain pens to achieve an elegant look.


As men go outside to run errands or just go out and about, bringing EDC with them is essential. These items can provide maximum convenience and ensure they keep themselves safe and comfortable while out. As they carry their phone, wallet, cards, pen, headphones, and pocket knife with them, they can be confident that they’ll survive the outdoors.

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