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Year In Review: March 2011

Male Models

March 2011 features once again Chad White and Seth Kuhlmann, stories by Rick Day, Christian Rios, Gregory Vaughan and rising stars such as Ryan Bertroche and Sam Whitman among other in top 10 most viewed posts of the month.

seth kuhlmann

christian rios matthew coatsworth sam whitman ryan bertroche

chad white

tyler kenyon arnaldo anaya luca marlon teixeira francisco lachowski


#01 More of Seth Kuhlmann by Rick Day
#02 L.A. Models by Christian Rios
#03 Matthew Coatsworth by Gregory Vaughan 
#04 Sam Whitman for Comodo Sqaure SS11
#05 New Ryan Bertroche Digital Update
#06 Chad White for Adidas
#07 Tyler Kenyon by Rick Day
#08 Seth Kuhlmann by Arnaldo Anaya Lucca
#09 Marlon Teixeira by Brigitte Vincken for So Chic
#10 Francisco Lachowski Polaroids

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Karel Struhy by Anton Jhonsen

River Viiperi for Versace for H&M