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WEEK ON IG: Gabe Olivieri, Luca Coyle, Jordy Baan and more..

Best of last week’s Instagram moments from male models and stars you should already be following including Jordy Baan, Derek Chadwcik and more.

gabe olivieri

Keep up with last week’s top Instagram posts from models to watch Gabe Olivieri, YouTube star Luca Coyle, Jordy Baan, Skinner Jones, Pablo Kaestli, Edison Fan and Shawn Golomingi as well as MMSCENE cover stars Chad White, Derek Chadwick, and Rafael Miller among other. 

Scroll down for best of last week’s Instagram action from guys you should already be following: 

chad white

Morning rise and grind. warm up.”  @chadwhite21

gabe olivieri

Been sitting here for the last 15 minutes trying to think of a caption but all my brain is thinking is “coffee”.Man I love coffee?????????”  @skinner.jones/

shawn golomingi

“?” @shawnkg_

gabe olivieri

Whoah there” @gabeolivieri

neels visser

Abu Dhabi living ??” @neels

gerard sabe

I was not angry… they just distubed my coffee moment”  @gerardknows

rafael miller

Always good to learn from people! Thanks buddy for the advices on the water ????? first time I surfed was here in NYC 2 years ago. Now I’m back at it ? (well I try haha” @rafaelmiller

derek chadwick

2pm nyc@derekchadwick

luca coyle

smh @coopercoyle really had to go and ruin my pic like this ?? he literally has the bladder of a three year old lol… so nasty and so rude!! – also swipe to see the newest member of our boy band ?? we love triplets!” @lucacoyle

rhys pickering

30 minutes of sleep on the night flight and I’m back home ?” @rhyspickering

armando smith

Sauna treating me right” @armando_smith_

pablo kaestli

“Say ?” @pablo_kaestli

jordy baan

“?”  @jordybaan

nicholas kodua

I am today years old in terms of hoop earrings and a week overdue for a haircut 🙂” @nicholaskodua

edison fan

RETRO Series by @utouch_official is coming out tomorrow. This sexy jock strap comes in three easy to wear colors: Nude, Noir, Cream. ?????” @edisonfanye




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