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Summer Vibes taking over instagram with supermodels Chad White, Fernando Cabral and Garrett Neff among the must see moments of the week:

brian whittaker

We are halfway through August with vacation mood taking over the feeds in one way or another – last week’s must see IG Moments come from MMSCENE magazine cover stars and supermodels Fernando Cabral, Chad White and Garrett Neff but also actor Keith Powers, greek model Iasonas Laios, Sergio Carvajal, and Simon Nygard among other.

See all the action from the week behind us with guys you should already be following on IG: 

pierre laurent

“They ain’t my taste, I’m too saucy” @pierre.laurent

garrett neff

A vacation within a vacation with @lifehousehotels Nantucket. @gwneff

Simon Nygard

“trust in mesh ” @simonnygard

chad white

Surfs up ?- stability. @chadwhite21

fernando cabral

“All organic no gym no diet required. Just a perfect genetic ??? #bodygoals #nofilter #nopainjustnatural” @fernandocabral07

patryk lawry

“16/08/20” @lawry98

brian whittaker

Want to know what gives me confidence in #MYCALVINS? @brianhwhittaker

Sasha Trautvein

“?? ????????” @sashadidntwakeup

juan marcel rivera

“am I a vlogger yet?” @juanmarcelrivera

biel juste

“Day 27 / Kicking @twojeys Silver X” @bieljuste

james kakonge

“Big Demeanour” @jameskakonge

sergio carvajal


keith powers

7.4.19 @keithpowers

iasonas laios


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