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BEST OF LAST WEEK’s IG: Francisco Lachowski, Joao Knorr, Matthew Noszka….

We are catching up with best Instagram moments from the week behind us and your favourite MMSCENE male models.

manu rios

Get the best of last week’s Instagrams with MMSCENE cover stars Joao Knorr, Manu Rios, Xavier Serrano and Matthew Noszka, but also top models Stefan Pollmann, Edison Fan, Augusta Alexander, Nicholas Kodua and Alton Mason to name a few.

Scroll down for more of the off-duty IG action from the week behind us: 

nicholas kodua

“??????????????, ?????????????????” @nicholaskodua

“happy feet” @jaronbakerPatryk Lawry

“10/05/19” @lawry98

“Happy Sunday everyone ? any plans for today ? 
I’m on my way to the gym ????? #fullbodyworkout today ?” @lucahblmanu rios

Eric Smith


Newest addition to task rabbit. ????#homeimprovement? @cibellelevi” @matthew_noszkaxavier serrano

@xserrano9joao knorr

“yesterday night at @diorthanks @mrkimjones for inviting me and congrats on your new Men’s pre-fall 2019 collection. Bravo! ?” @joaoknorr
edison fan

“#marblebathroom #selfie” @edisonfanye

“2.8 ?????”@chico_lachowski

“Woke up in the Bathtub… How was YOUR weekend?!
I’m usually the guy who goes to bed early and wakes up at 6am to do Yoga.
But this weekend it’s time to go out here in Berlin and release!
What’s your weekend plan? Happy Saturday everybody!!
#itsamee ? @don.ixon #towelseriesone of my last shoots in New York City!” @marioadrion

“Sunshine kid ??” @stefan_pollmannaugusta alexander

“Trying to put makeup one my face is not as easy as u think…!??” @augusta_alexanderSasha Trautvein

“this morning I woke up again….” @sashadidntwakeupalton mason

“nature always places a peace upon your soul. meditation and conversations with the source. i be praying to God, saying “period.” but enough about me, what’s really good? ??” @altonmason

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Myriam Tisbo

MMSCENE STYLE STORIES: Marco Dumitru & Kamil Karimi by Myriam Tisbo

Sophie Daum

MMSCENE STYLE STORIES: Garden Melody by Sophie Daum