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WEEK ON IG: Xavier Serrano, Tinie Tempah, Neels Visser & more..

Keeping up with Instagram this week with the summer days taking over the profiles of Tinie Tempah, Xavier Serrano, Toni Mahfud, Michael B Jordan, River Viiperi, Simon Hamidavi, Lucas Garcez, Cameron Dallas, Neels Visser and more.

Discover all the IG action from the past week below:

“Como eu queria estar no mar, boiando de bobeira, pensando besteira e inventando uma canção pra assoviar ! 😚🎶 #seasick Danke ma bru for the 📷 @nils_uha” @lucas.garcez

Break” @xserrano9

“Cheers for making me look human again 😂” @jacobhankin

“Behind the scene #behindthescenes pics from our latest photoshoot for @omg_sportswear , with @minky.l” @edisonfanye

“Her names Keke. 🐶” @matthew_noszka

“400.000 people in one place with nothing but love for the same thing – music.  People who are celebrating together regardless of where they are coming from and making this festival one of the few places where the whole world is united for a moment… This has been my first time at Tomorrowland and I’m so happy to be a part of these special days full of crazy memories we’ll cherish forever! Thank you to everybody I met there, talked to, and everyone who made this trip even more unforgettable to me. 🙌🏽 I’m not the biggest festival or party person or someone who likes to be surrounded by too many. Headphones on and world off. There is nothing I do more than listen to music, so I really wanted to give it a go! It was so worth it. So this festival has been really special to me !!! Can’t wait to be back. 
Btw, that shirt is self-made. 🙂 “ @tonimahfud

“yes I have hairy armpits… lol. new yt vid is up- link in bio” @neelsvisser

bby” @camerondallas

“Less stress” @ernest_klimko

“Flow. Refresh thoughts, wash emotions.” @pietroboselli

“Straight from bed to an outdoor workout this morning 💪🏼 Usually I can’t workout without eating, but today it actually felt great and it’s good for your metabolism to exercise on an empty stomach🎉” @simonhrm

“Nap time for this Gondolier” @zanderhodgson

“🦁🦁 Week 8 of Disturbing Ibiza” @tiniegram

“Fly me to the moon! 🧞‍♂️👳🏽‍♂️” @kikohenriiques

“my girl caught me half-awake with banjo this morning ☕️⛅️ #doggylove#currentlyhavingmargaritas” @jouubellini

TRUTH”  @riverviiperi

“Bruce Lee🥋 Bruce Leroy 🐲” @michaelbjordan

“east coast breed, west coast livin’ 💛🌊💜” @officialjt

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