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Amazing Ways to Make Your Modeling Photos Stand Out on Instagram

How to make your photos stand out on Instagram? Here are a few of our own tips and tips from model influencers we have worked with:

Amazing Ways to Make Your Modeling Photos Stand Out on Instagram
Photo ©Alessandra Huynh for MMSCENE Magazine

Photography is certainly an art, and it’s one more tangible to “normal people” today than ever before. That’s not to say photographers aren’t “normal”, but before, if you were going to have any skill at all with a camera, you would need to take some classes. Today, you don’t need to be familiar with a darkroom to be a good photographer.

That said, such familiarity isn’t a bad thing and could help you capture better images. While this won’t be the primary focus of this writing, we will touch on it. Mostly, though, we’ll explore ways you can use with the camera on your smartphone or other digital device to make astonishing pictures for social media avenues like Instagram, or “IG”.

Choose Exciting Subject Matter

Take pictures of things people want to look at. Nobody is interested in a patch of bland dust—not unless such hypothetical individuals were part of a scientific group doing a survey of dust visibility under certain pixelation. People want to see mountains, they want to see streams, wild-life, happy couples, gorgeous IG models, and that which is naturally attractive to the eye.

Conversely, they do also want to see shocking things like automobile accidents, or fires, or wildlife engaged in contests for survival. Whatever you do on IG, try to find subject matter that’s interesting and memorable to look at. That said, technique is still important. It doesn’t matter how amazing that mountain lion’s pounce was if all you caught was a beige blur.

Amazing Ways to Make Your Modeling Photos Stand Out on Instagram
Photo ©Alessandra Huynh for MMSCENE Magazine

Experiment and Take Risks

Something else you want to do is try new things. As regards general experimentation, smartphone apps and associated techniques are worth playing around with so you understand how to use them. Overexpose a photo, under-expose a photo, play with the contrast, enhance photo resolution and even explore digital augmentation.

Today’s digital technology makes all these things surprisingly easy. Because smartphones use a camera that captures simultaneously moving and still photos, high-quality footage can be manipulated in a variety of ways to remove specific stills.

Granted, for most situations, this won’t be how you go about taking pictures. You’ll likely just try to take photos quick. Even so, after experimentation, should opportunities arise that you didn’t see coming, you’ll be well prepared.

Amazing Ways to Make Your Modeling Photos Stand Out on Instagram
Photo ©Alessandra Huynh for MMSCENE Magazine

Be Familiar With Depth-of-Field

Next, learn techniques involving where your camera lens is focused. If you focus your camera at the foreground, the background will likely be blurry; unless it’s your prerogative to focus on the background and blur the foreground. Whatever the case, these things represent applications of what’s known in professional photography as “depth of field”.

Even if you don’t understand how depth of field works in photography, there are options that can help you assure your picture is properly focused. This app makes it very easy to blur background features of a given photo. Provided you focus on the right part of the photo, and select specifically what you want blurred, you can achieve the picture desired.

In a sea of digital perfection, authenticity stands out. Users resonate more with photos that tell a story or evoke emotion. It doesn’t always have to be a polished or idealized image. A candid snap, behind-the-scenes look, or a genuine moment of vulnerability can create a deeper connection with your audience. Besides, every photo has a narrative. Use the caption space to its full potential. Share the story behind the picture, the emotion it brought to you, or the inspiration it might carry for others.

Finally, standing out on Instagram is not just about mastering the art of photography but intertwining it with storytelling, authenticity, and emotional resonance. As IG models or photographers, be bold, be daring, but most importantly, be yourself. After all, your unique perspective is what will truly set you apart in a digital world filled with snapshots. The right combination of technique and soul can elevate your Instagram game to unparalleled heights.

Images from MMSCENE PORTRAITS: Alessandro Borzumato by Alessandra Huynh – See the full story here

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