Top 4 Fashion Trainers You Can Buy at a Cheaper Price

With brands dropping new hyped styles almost weekly, resale offers a great way to access in-demand fashion trainers at a more accessible price.

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It is only during a crisis that people’s values are tested. According to BCG’s Fashion and Luxury Perspective report, with the COVID-19 effects, almost a third of customers worry about losing their jobs because of the economic downturn. For that reason, the shopping habits of many customers have changed tremendously so they can adjust to the ‘new normal.’ With only pharmacies and food stores allowed to remain open, e-commerce has become a lucrative option for many people. In the fashion industry, seasonal drivers of sales, including weddings, have been replaced by comfortable casuals like streetwear and easy-to-wear attire. With brands dropping new hyped styles almost weekly, resale offers a great way to access in-demand fashion trainers at a more accessible price.

You can find a huge selection of high-demand sneakers such as:

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1. Adidas Yung-1

Yung-1 gets inspiration from Adidas’ Falcon Dorf silhouette, which was first spotted back in 1997. Being able to ride fashionable style waves and staying true to its origin are the main reasons why Yung-1 is a special gem for vintage loves and nostalgic collectors. This collection going for around $60, combines new trends, youth movements, and first-hand influences to make it part of DJ JNS’s mindset and lifestyle.

Pros of Adidas Yung-1

• Comfortable fit
• Unique design
• Durable
• Great stretch and breathability
• Perfect for lifestyle and workout use

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2. Nike Cortez

Nike Cortez is a blast from the past. Although Nick Cortez was designed in 1972 during the Olympics times, it still asserts relevance in the market even today. Most wearers find it comfortable and surprisingly amazing.

Pros of Nike Cortez

• Offers a moderate arch support
• Easy to clean
• Affordable going for around $40
• Light and comfortable

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3. Cariuma

Aesthetically, Cariuma models are one of the best trainers, which lies among the cross-section of tasteful, practical, and minimalist. You can’t go wrong with Cariuma’s models because they have a stellar variety of high and low-cut sneakers, depending on how you want to look. Yellow canvas is one of the models that have a bright poppy color and classic feel. However, other models may fall under different categories, including Pantone, OCA Highs, CATIBA Lows, IBI, OCA Lows, and CATIBA Highs.

Pros of Cariuma Models

• Wide range of collection
• Reasonable costs (going for around $65)
• Every purchase supports the growing of trees in Brazil
• Elegant designs

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4. Reebok Classic

Reebok classic came in the market in the 80s when sneakers were popular because of functionalities and quality. It closely resembles Adidas Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas. Thus, if you find Yeezy expensive, Reebok Classic is the ultimate solution you need. Reebok Classic is also versatile and has a low price tag, making this trainer popular for athletes. Today, this model is a dream shoe for Reebok enthusiasts.

Pros of Reebok Classic

• It’s a great summer wear
• Provides soft support
• Comes with a durable outsole

Simply the Best Trainers, yet Affordable!

With the current pandemic, disrupting the economy in many countries, most customers no longer have to spend a lot of money to look great. While there are many big brands, such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok, and Cariuma, which provide solid options, the likes of Converse and Puma also have their own share. Hence, with many options, you can fill your closet with the best trainers without breaking a bank.

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