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How to Be the First to Get Sneaker Release News

With so many options to help you stay ahead of the curve there’s now no excuse for missing the latest sneaker release

How to Be the First to Get Sneaker Release News

If you are a lover of sneakers and new shoes, you need a way of knowing exactly when there’s going to be a release of new sneaker models. By the time new sneaker releases are beginning to trend on social media or go viral on the internet, it can be too late to grab yourself a pair. That means that you need reliable sources of information to stay on top of the game.

Luckily, there are applications and online platforms that help you to keep a close eye on the latest news relating to a new sneaker release. While some brands offer their own apps, there also a number of independent applications and websites to track release dates. We’ve checked them out and these are our favorites.


With almost 5 million downloads, this app is undoubtedly one of the most popular sneaker-related apps available. From the latest news through to sneaker history, it provides a huge amount of information on your favorite footwear.

This is the official app of, which is one of the best-known websites in the sector. Because they cover all the top brands, it provides a great central hub for information. The platform also offers excellent customer service. So, that means that there is always a personal assistant or concierge at hand to guide you through the entire process.

Sneaker Release Dates

According to its developers, this app is the ultimate choice for all sneaker enthusiasts. Also known as Sole Insider, its wide array of features enables you to track your favorite sneakers’ releases. You receive relevant information, complete with pictures since the news feed is regularly updated with the latest from the manufacturers.

We love the “cop” or “drop” option on the app lets you gauge the popularity of a particular pair of sneakers. Alongside the release dates, you’re also provided with the expected price range of the sneakers. It covers all the major brands, including Nike, Adidas, Jordan, and Ronnie Fieg.

Although its user interface may be outdated compared to newer apps, you get all the latest information just as promised. However, the app is free to download, and its most recent update is free of ads.


Unlike other apps that offer sneakers from different brands, SNKRS only provides information about Nike sneakers. It features a detailed catalog of currently retailing as well as upcoming Nike releases. You get relevant information and the history of the sneaker you are interested in.

One of its most exciting features is its “draws.” These provide you with the opportunity to buy exclusive and limited edition sneakers before everyone else.

JD Sports

This is the perfect app for all sneakerheads, since it lets you know exactly when a new pair of sneakers will drop. Although shipping times may vary according to your product choice, and where you are in the world, you don’t have to worry about anything if you pick the priority shipping option.

Their catalog features brands like Calvin Klein, New Balance, Vans, Tommy Hilfiger, and Reebok. When you type in your query on the app, its live search option allows you to get detailed answers to your questions. You can even check out dedicated videos for a range of their products which is a great opportunity to see all the detail that photos just can’t offer. Except for the shoes that you buy, the app is free to use.

How to Be the First to Get Sneaker Release News


Like the Nike SNKRS app discussed mentioned above, Adidas CONFIRMED is another manufacturer app. Its catalog offers a wide range of Adidas sneakers in different sizes. However, unlike its Nike equivalent, it not only notifies you of an upcoming release but also lets you pre-order within the app. If you missed out on the third Adidas X Ivy Park collection this is the perfect way to make sure that never happens again.

The app is easy to navigate and alleviates the complications of making payments within the app.

Also, since it is an official Adidas app, you are assured about the authenticity of the information it provides. You will receive a message saying “YOU ARE CONFIRMED” on the app after picking your shoes and selecting the dealership you want to pick them from. After this, all you need to do is to visit your preferred dealer and collect your sneakers. It is the best way to shop for sneakers, especially if you dread visiting busy stores.

Sneaker Crush

Sneaker Crush is a general app that keeps you updated on all brands of sneakers. Regardless of the brand, you will always be alerted of all the expected sneaker releases through the app. Also, it is an excellent choice for browsing current sneaker listings for sale or previously released sneakers. Tapping on the “Catalog section” introduces you to an incredible variety of options to explore.


If you are looking for exclusive Jordan sneaker information, then the J23 app is your best bet. Alongside current products, you will get all the information that you want to know concerning upcoming Jordan sneaker releases. The brand‘s Fall Winter 2021 collection, which included the Air Jordan 5 “Shattered Backboard got rave reviews so there’s no way you’ll want to miss out on the next release.

This is an official app so it’s a great way to be assured of the information’s accuracy and pricing. Also, you get restock details-pushed straight to your phone without much hassle. One of its most significant advantages is the ability to make purchases directly through the platform.

With so many options to help you stay ahead of the curve there’s now no excuse for missing the latest sneaker release. With some of the applications even allowing you to pre-order upcoming sneakers ahead of everyone else, it’s now incredibly easy to be the first on the street with the latest release.

Top Tips for the Latest Sneaker Release

  1. Don’t rely on social media chatter, check out the official apps for accurate release dates.
  2. Don’t forget that before you order a new pair of sneakers, check out the various platforms and compare the pricing. Even for a new release there can be some big differences in the purchase price.
  3. Be careful of scams and deals that look too good to be true. Head for the official manufacturer apps and websites if you’re at all uncertain who you’re buying off.

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