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LAST WEEK ON IG: Manu Rios, Derek Chadwicks, Xavier Serrano…

Keeping up with Instagram the must see Instagram posts from the week behind us include Manu Rios, Alton Mason, Pietro Boselli, Florian Macek, Derek Chadwick, Xavier Serrano, Augusta Alexander, and Barak Shamir to name a few.

Find all the IG action after the jump:

Manu Rios

“missing paris already” @manuriosAdrian Sotiris

“Adrian or Roger? ?? Can’t wait for you guys to see the results of this shoot ?? What’s your thought on the moustashe? ?” @adriansotirisJaron Baker

“decomposing type beat” @jaronbakerPietro Boselli

“Tb to fashion week wearing my own design ?? Now half price on website (link in bio)” @pietroboselliFlorian Macek

“I’m a ?” @florianmacekJosh Sorrentino

“Django posando y yo marcando abdominales, hacemos un gran equipo? Echo de menos el verano! Demasiado frio en Paris?” @sorrentino24

“Here I am“@im_gageLuca Heubl

“Gym was gainful this morning ????? what about you? Who’s been active today ?? Anzeige” @lucahblDerek Chadwicks

grumpy” @derekchadwick

“?? ? greasers who can’t shave” @huntermuns

Working on something really cool ? Can’t wait for you guys to see it.” @felipejstonemXavier Serrano

“Leaving today to NY. Just realized that summer (and shirtless pics) are over ?” @xserrano9Moritz Hau

Nemo??. Since when are you Guys following me???. My first ever snorkeling trip! I really didn’t know what to expect since I’m a terrible swimmer?, but seeing baby sharks, stingrays and turtles as close as you’d only see them in an aquarium usually was a truly amazing experience?? Sometimes you just have to face your fears in order to experience something you won’t forget ever again!? Did you snorkel before??” @moritz_hauAugusta Alexander

“Just touched down in Barcelona ??Tired af can’t even take my shirt off ??#barcelona” @augusta_alexanderBarak Shamir

6:10pm” @itsbarakshamirnyc mañana“@altonmason

Austin Scoggin

MMSCENE PORTRAITS: Austin Scoggin by Pat Supsiri

Timothee Chalamet

Timothee Chalamet Poses for Ungano + Agriodimas