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Moschino Men’s Spring-Summer 2025

Adrian Appiolaza’s “Lost and Found” Collection for Moschino

Courtesy of Moschino

Creative director Adrian Appiolaza‘s second show for Moschino, titled “Lost and Found,” is a tribute to the uniqueness of individuals and their characters. Each look in the collection stands alone, showcasing individuality and distinctiveness. This season, Moschino embraces the concept that every garment, like every person, has its own story to tell. The collection explores various aspects of exploration, both external and internal, symbolizing a journey from urban chaos to the discovery of paradise, reflecting both literal and personal freedom.

Courtesy of Moschino

Moschino’s characters are depicted as explorers, fluidly navigating different spaces, ideas, and ideals. The collection highlights the beauty of getting lost and discovering unexpected places. Traditional tailoring sheds its restrictions, being deconstructed and reconstructed into new forms. The theme of finding oneself through getting lost is poignantly reflected in the garments.

Courtesy of Moschino

Archival elements from Moschino’s past make a comeback, maintaining a continuous dialogue with Franco Moschino’s ethos. Prints from the 1990s, including peace flowers, footballs, and ironic pizza smears, are reimagined and revitalized. Twisted trench coats, and assemblies of diverse garments create fresh, innovative pieces. The iconic “Survival” jacket from Spring-Summer 1992 is re-envisioned for both urban life and ultimate escape, seamlessly blending past and present.

Courtesy of Moschino

The collection achieves modernity by merging genders, blurring boundaries, and creating a shared wardrobe for all. A man’s shirt can transform into a wedding dress. Traditions are dismantled, allowing new identities to emerge.

Lost and Found” is a journey to discover new perspectives—a Moschino vision of the world. It embodies freedom of expression through fashion, encouraging individuals to embrace their uniqueness and find joy in unexpected life paths.

View the collection in Gallery below:

Written by Anastasija Pavic

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