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Our cover star ANDERS HAYWARD sits down for an exclusive interview with Editor ANA MARKOVIC to talk about dancing, modeling and acting, but also his role in the Gap Year and things that make him happy.


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Who is Anders Hayward?
I have absolutely no idea. Just a gangly mess, trying to navigate my way through the world, trying not to screw up too many things. But factually I am a 24 year old actor and choreographer that models from time to time living in Crystal Palace.

How did your modelling career start? And what was your first big break in the industry?
I was initially scouted by Unsigned Group, my now managers, in Topman store in Oxford Circus when I was 17. From there I did my first show in New York for Marc by Marc Jacobs for their Autumn Winter 2018 show. They shaved my hair off and it was a terrifying experience for all the right reasons, but terrifying none the less.

What are your favorite brands that you’ve worked for in the past?
I must say, I have been very lucky to have worked with brands that I really love and respect; but I think working with Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Burberry were my favourites.

What is your most memorable shoot? And best runway experience?
I think the first show for Marc by Marc Jacobs is always something that sticks with me. I can vividly remember how I felt at that exact moment. It was a mixture of pure terror, excitement and all that adrenaline was just pumping through my body. It was such a surreal feeling. The Burberry Christmas Campaign was a real joy to work on, because it was just a huge production and I was able to showcase something that I’m really passionate about. Being able to put my stamp on to a project of that magnitude was just such an honour. Also, who doesn’t love a nice festive vid.



How did you start acting?
I had studied performing arts at secondary school, so I had a basic “training” in acting; but I would say that my real desire for acting came after I left London Contemporary Dance School. I was fascinated by a lot of character based dance work and I think when modelling, I would subconsciously attach each shoot with a new character. I mean after all, it’s like playing dress up, so after I did a few fashion films, I thought it would be a good idea to take it seriously. My managers thought that I had something which would translate well into acting, introduced me to my fantastic acting manager and agent and that is where it all started.

Your first acting job was the lead role in Gap Year TV show, was it overwhelming playing the starring role so early in your career? And was it hard playing Dylan?
It was definitely overwhelming and I put a lot of pressure on myself, but I can honestly say it was an incredible experience. I was able to spend 4 and a half months travelling around south east Asia honing my skills and it was great because I had time to really sink my teeth into the project. I don’t think any amount of classes or workshops can fully prepare you for what its actually like when you get on a real film set. With regards to playing Dylan, I feel like I have come across a lot of Dylan’s in my time, so I feel like playing him was quite a natural thing; However it was also a very sobering experience. I would notice certain horrible traits that he had were traits that I shared with him. So in that respect, he was such a fun character to play, but quite scary at the same time. There were a few things in my own personal; life that I changed after that job.

What did you learn from Gap Year’s Dylan?
Playing Dylan was an utter joy. He was a very passionate person and someone who really has good I intentions, but just made awful decisions. There were a lot of face palm moments where I would just think “oh god Dylan, why did you have to go and do that” but I feel like he was such an endearing character, that you couldn’t help but love him slightly. I learned not to be so judgmental and to really value honest friendships.



Where would you and your best friend go together?
I would love more than anything to just pack my bags and jet off to Japan for two months with my best friend. Everything from the culture to the architecture to the food is something that fascinates me.

Tell us about your upcoming acting projects?
Luckily I have two feature film projects coming out next year. One is still a working title I believe, but I think the final title is We Don’t Talk About Love, which was directed by the wonderful Scottish director Scott Graham. It is set around a small community in Aberdeenshire. And the other feature is called Looted, which was directed by the incredible Rene Pannevis, which is another British indie film. Both are projects that are very close to my heart and ones that I hope audiences will really love as much as I do.

I have to ask, what is the last TV Show you binge watched?
I have been ploughing through Killing Eve on the BBC iPlayer which is brilliant!

In addition to acting and modeling, how did you get into dancing and choreography?
I have been dancing since I was 5 years old and I think I always made my own bits of choreography here and there for as long as I can remember. I seriously got into dance when I started training at the BRIT School, which was where I did my 6th Form. There I learned a variety of different styles and techniques and that was where I was introduced to contemporary dance. I then auditioned for London Contemporary Dance School and managed to somehow wangle my way in there. The amount I learned there was truly incredible and it was so inspiring being surrounded by such talent. As I was modelling, I was asked to dance and choreograph on an array of different photoshoots, so I feel like it was a natural progression going from being in front of the camera to being behind it.

It’s been a fantastic experience, working with other models and collaborating with different teams. I think the thing I have learned the most about choreography is that understanding of peoples bodies and how they move is quite a telling thing. Also that everyone moves in different ways and I love crafting movement on different bodies.



What do you enjoy most dancing, acting or modelling, and why?
They are all things I love doing, but I think creatively its between acting and dancing. They feel so good to do for my soul and give me such joy. I love how challenging they are.

What has been the proudest moment for you in your career?
Definitely being able to act in my first feature film. Working on We Don’t Talk About Love was a real dream come true. The cast and crew were so ideal and to work on something that I was profusely passionate about was the most rewarding feeling. Everyone involved was just so passionate about the project and I cant wait for that to translate over into the film. I loved every second of it.

How would you describe your style?
I would say that my style is quite basic and minimal, but I love clothes that are made with care. Quality is something I definitely care about. I want to acquire pieces that are timeless and will last me a lifetime. I’m trying to be better with avoiding fast fashion and making sure that what I’m wearing was really made with care. Also anything with stripes, I can almost guarantee I will love it.



What makes you happy?
Very cliché, but my friends make me happy. I love sharing experiences with them and knowing that we are all there for each other, also Sunday roasts, I mean how could they not put a smile on your face.

Keep up with Anders on Instagram @anders_hayward


Photographer: BALINT BARNA –
Fashion Director: CHRISTOPHER MAUL –
Fashion Assistant: EVELYNNE LIZTS
Model: ANDERS HAYWARD at SUPA Model Management

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