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The opportunity to see other countries and get acquainted with the culture and traditions of different peoples seems a fascinating adventure. In an effort to learn and explore the world, man encounters certain barriers. First of all, the sensation of the unknown and frightening. Information from the media and social factors affect the person’s relationship to the world as something dangerous and aggressive.

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Certainly, we must be vigilant and cautious for our own security. If you are ready to overcome fear and take the first step to meeting the world, the question of material security arises. How can you minimize the costs that would make the trip of your dreams comes true?

In fact, there are three main items of expenditure:


If the question is how to get from point A to point B, you have a few options

Flight. Traveling by air is one of the most expensive types of transportation. The cost of the flight is usually greatly overstated, but it can be significantly reduced. Many companies offer low-cost flights. With the conditions of early booking, you can reduce the cost up to 80%. Plan a long trip for holidays or vacations then check out the offers for round-trip tickets. If you have already planned vocations but have unfinished college assignments, don`t worry, check you’re Your Essay Helpers service and be sure in well-done work.

You can use an opportunity of different travel credit cards. Their principle of operation is that you collect miles that would eventually get a free flight. Most cards offer sign up bonuses or special offers. Also, watch out for deals cause many stores and malls provide additional points for buying their products.

Voyage. Various tours on a sea liner are very expensive and,actually, you have recreation on a ship- hotel. If your goal is to reach the destination, you should consider the possibility of free traveling by a ship. Look for the opportunity to work on the ship. You will be able to perform various tasks as a member of the ship crew and at the same time spend no money or even earn some.

Car sharing. It`s very popular option. You can find people who are ready to share with you transport charges. Thus, you will get the company for the trip and pay back the cost of fuel. In addition, some car rental companies need to return the car to the company’s location. You get a time frame for the return of the company’s property and you cover the distance for free.

Bike, walk, hitchhiking. Absolutely free way to overcome distances. We warn that a bicycle ride requires high training and the ability to repair a bicycle with your own hands if necessary. Hitchhiking is a faster way of moving, but be patient. In most cases, you should be prepared to wait for you to be picked up. This way gives an invaluable experience of communication with other people, learn their history or tell your own, to discover the country from the other side.

The accommodation is a vital issue for the traveller

Couchsurfing. The point is that you stay at local`s home for free. There are websites where you can find people who want to host tourists. Staying with a local gives you a knowledge and information that you will appreciate. You can find out the way of life by seeing local life and visit places that you would not have visited on your own.

Homestay. You keep your accommodation and food for a few hours of work. It depends on discussing what you are going to do.

Home sitting. It means when people have gone for holidays and want someone to stay in their home, keep it safe, look after the house or feed their pets. The advantage of such accommodation that you can really live in beautiful places.

Work for accommodation. You can stay in a hostel for a free but you should do a clean-up for a few hours a day. It can be also farms or ranches that need labor in exchange for accommodation and food.
Volunteering abroad. Connect with organizations that provide a program and find out people who have volunteered for it. You`ll get the information about what you should expect from such program.

Camping. Many places in the world provide free camping zones. Such zones can also provide a kitchen or other conditions for greater comfort. The advantage of the tent is that, in many cases, it can be installed anywhere.

Certainly, for the camping, you need to have all the necessary equipment.

What about food?

Be prepared that you can stay hungry. Research accommodation with food. It`s the best way to supply yourself with food. You can receive food from locals with whom you live or get it for work you have done. In big cities, you can buy food in supermarkets or experience dumpster diving. Many stores and malls throw away food that would not be selling the day after. It`s your choice to have such odd experience.

Exchange your skills. If you have skills in any profession, you can offer your services and people will pay you money for it. If you have certain certificates and qualifications, you can earn extra money. Traveling with minimal costs is possible. Overcome fear, uncertainty and be ready to be acquainted with the world and it will greet you in return.

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