Selecting Glasses to Suit Your Face Shape: A Guide

Take a look at our guide to matching your glasses to your face shape

Selecting Glasses to Suit Your Face Shape A Guide
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Some of us can be pretty self-conscious when it comes to wearing glasses, and any help we can get to make us feel more comfortable should be gladly accepted.

Those who are new to wearing spectacles will take time to ease into life with glasses; not only are you now able to see more clearly, your entire look may have changed. For some, just the thought of how this will impact their lives can be quite scary.

Fortunately shopping for glasses online makes this whole process far simpler and there are loads of great places to find glasses specific to your needs, such as great progressive lenses that you can get here now. The range of options when searching via the internet is almost limitless.

Finding glasses that not only serve a functional purpose, in other words, help you see more clearly, but also a pair that is aesthetically pleasing is a tricky prospect to undertake.

To help assist you in this challenge, take a look at our guide to matching your glasses to your face shape.

Glasses to Suit Your Face Shape

What is Your Face Shape?

Many of us have never really taken the time to consider this question, but it can be a crucial step in matching you to the right pair of glasses. In order to best ascertain your face shape, you’ll have to take a closer look in the mirror.

Face shapes traditionally come in five types:

  • Round
  • Heart-Shaped
  • Oval
  • Diamond (or Triangular)
  • Square

Have a tape measure to hand and then consider the information below; this should help you judge (objectively) which category you best belong. With online purchasing websites like goodr, you can find your exact size with various choices for each style.

If your cheekbones and face length are similar in length, this indicates something of a round face; square-faced individuals have measurements that are similar.

Diamond-shaped faces tend to have prominent jawlines and smaller/less-defined cheekbones. Oval faces have a face length that is larger than the width of the cheekbones.

If you have a pointed chin and your forehead measures longer than your cheekbones and jaw, then you can consider yourself to have a heart-shaped face.

Matching Glasses to Each Face Shape

So now that you’ve discovered your face shape, it’s now time to find out which types of glasses and frames will best suit you.

Glasses for a Square Face

As those with a square style face are very angular, the idea is to pick out frames that soften those angles. A thinner frame works well, and you should look for frames that are wider than your cheekbones; this will help round off the look.

Glasses for a Triangular/Diamond Face

If your face is widest in the jaw, then you should look to add prominent detailing around the bridge and top of the frames of your glasses, as this will help even out your features. This is the case for both men and women.

Glasses to Suit Your Face Shape

Glasses for a Round Face

As round-faced individuals have delicate features, you’ll conversely look for glasses that are very angular; here, you are effectively reversing the situation we outlined with a square face. Rectangular frames are perfect for those with round faces.

Glasses for an Oval Face

If you deem yourself to have an oval face, then you are in luck; your face shape is the easiest to cater for. Oversized frames are a good choice (and very fashionable right now); you might also look to pick out a colorful frame for added value.

Glasses for a Heart Shaped Face

As heart-shaped faces tend to have a wide point at the forehead, you should look for frames that are wider than this point. This face shape is also quite versatile, and you can opt for sleek frames as they will also suit you.

Be Bold and Brave

If you are new to wearing glasses and not all that comfortable with the idea of doing so, you should try to look for fashionable glasses that will make you feel less nervous about wearing them.

Consider the wearing of glasses to be more than just a necessity; it can be a door to a new world. There is no need to elect boring basic frames when you can look for something that makes a real statement.

You can also look to match additional spectacles for pastimes you enjoy, sporting glasses for those who enjoy exercising, or more durable sunglasses for a nice long hike. Make the glasses fit your needs and pretty soon your feelings of anxiety about wearing them will dissipate.

Shop online to increase the range of glasses further you select from and pick an online retailer that offers a good returns policy. Getting your glasses online is now a widespread activity, and in recent years the process has become more streamlined.

Simply get the relevant information from your eye test, input the correct prescription information and wait for them to arrive. Then enjoy the liberating feeling of being able to see more clearly while also looking good, now that you’ve ably matched your glasses and frames to your face shape.

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