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Best of last week’s Instagram moments with Derek Chadwick, Manu Rios, Pietro Boselli, Alton Mason and more guys you absolutely have to follow on IG.

edison fan

Last week’s must see Instagram moments come with our cover stars Derek Chadwick, Manu Rios, Alton Mason, Joao Knorr, and Xavier Serrano but also Augusta Alexander, Nicholas Kodua, Pietro Boselli, Florian Macek, Edison Fan, Mario Adrion, Denis Jovanovic, Aidan Alexander, Brandon Good and Pablo Kaestli among other. 

Don’t miss the top IG action in the first week of August, no need to guess it is all about the summer vacations! Scroll down for all the action and follow the guys: 

derek chadwick

“🦎🦎” @derekchadwickjoao knorr

“hasta luego Ibiza. AAA 🥂” @joaoknorrmanu rios

busy@manuriosedison fan

“Nipples #onFleek” @edisonfanyeflorian macek

“Last days in China be like 🤪” @florianmacekxavier serrano model

“📍” @xserrano9mario adrion

Yes, I got a Demonetized Butt Tattoo…😜
Most of my Videos are demonetized and YouTube now ‘ShadowBanned’ my recent Videos for being too controversial. As a creative I want to express myself without being limited by an algorithm or a platform!🥕
@marioadrionpietro boselli

“Bye Puglia! 🏍 ☀️” @pietroboselli

denis jovanovic


male model armando

Morning runs in NYC be like…🏃‍♂️💦 .
[Anzeige] Happy sunday friends 🖤🙏🏻 #sundayfunday” @armandombb

brandon good

“Need a clean up” @goodbhavior

model augusta

“Had an awesome birthday 🎂 
BIG THANK YOU for all the lovely birthday-wishes!!🎉🎊” @augusta_alexander

model nicholas kodua

Here’s a recap of my day (LA>>>>every other city)” @nicholaskodua

alton mason

“unforgettable energy in cappadocia 🇹🇷 ❤️” @altonmason

*deep quote*” @pablo_kaestli

“high five” @aidanalexander

“Napping with my fish 🙂 🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡” @chengchangfan

“Good Morning Everyone 😇” @lucahbl





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