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LAST WEEK’S BEST IGs: Joao Knorr, Neels Visser, Raf Miller

Best of last week’s Instagram moments with models Joao Knorr, ManuRios, Edison Fan, Florian Macek and many more are enjoying the sunny beaches and spring weather.

Don’t miss any of the IG action:

joao knorr

“???”@joaoknorrmanu rios

@manuriosstefan pollmann

“Sometimes life feels like a movie to me ? ? I cant rewind it, but as I look back at pictures like this it brings all the memories…”  @stefan_pollmann
Elliot George Meeten“Had an amazing day today feeding and bathing rescued elephants ??? This sanctuary is where abused elephants get a second chance at life without chains, cages or riding. What a day ??” @elliotmeeten
harry raftus


“Passport pic” via @derekchadwick @edwordgarcia

“meet me in my office in 10min, I’ve got business to deal with first”@rafaelmiller

“keep your distance”@aidanalexanderPatryk Lawry

“21/03/19”@lawry98Francisco Lachowski

@chico_lachowskiChristian Combs

“In the Yamzz ?”@kingcombsLoic Williams

“Morning world. Hope you slept well ??” @loic.williams

“Back in my city!?? What’s your fav city?”@florianmacek

Bignonneau Theo” @theobignonneau

“The Oregon way. Helping pop with the spring cleaning ? Once an outdoors man, always an outdoors man.”@chadwhite21Edison Fan

“Found this oldie in my phone ? #underwear #home”@edisonfanyeNeels Visser

“he smiles 😉 shot by @loligortari” @neelsvisser

Erin Mommsen

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Werner Schreyer

Werner Schreyer Models Brett Johnson Spring Summer 2019 Looks