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Ungaro’s SS25: A Vibrant Mexican-Inspired Collection

Philippe Paubert blends relaxed elegance with bold cultural inspiration

Courtesy of Ungaro

Philippe Paubert, the visionary Creative Director at Ungaro, took us on a journey to a luxurious Mexican getaway with the Spring/Summer 2025 collection. Breaking away from traditional menswear, this collection immersed the audience in the vivid landscapes and striking architecture of Luis Barragán‘s Mexico. Paubert’s intent was clear: to infuse the runway with a blend of relaxed elegance and rich cultural inspiration.

The collection drew heavily from Mexico’s vibrant environment, celebrating a diverse palette of colors and textures. Earthy tones and tactile fabrics like bouclé were prominently featured in bermuda suits and garment-dyed camouflage pieces, creating an effortless yet sophisticated look. This thematic choice not only showcased the garments’ versatility but also paid tribute to the natural beauty and architectural brilliance of Barragán’s work.

Courtesy of Ungaro

Tailoring was given a fresh, modern update with collarless jackets and easygoing silhouettes taking center stage. Paubert demonstrated a sharp eye for contemporary trends, incorporating athleisure elements through boxy jackets paired with matching shorts, perfect for those dreaming of sunny weather. For the Paris showgoers dealing with rain, the collection included pixelated jungle-print raincoats and oversized trenches, marrying functionality with Paubert’s artistic touch.

Courtesy of Ungaro

Ungaro’s iconic floral prints were reinvented, bringing a playful energy to the collection. Classic cottons were paired with whimsical linens featuring chili peppers and lush greenery, embodying the spirit of a sun-drenched retreat. Polka dots, another brand staple, were reimagined with a 60s twist, appearing as blurred brights on shirts and swimwear, emphasizing the collection’s focus on carefree, summery days.

Courtesy of Ungaro

In Paubert’s vision, luxury extended beyond casual attire. Eveningwear pieces were opulent, featuring deep forest green tuxedo jackets with wide shawl collars and sequined vegetation motifs. These designs exuded sophistication, ensuring that even the most formal occasions were touched by the vibrant essence of Mexican culture.

Courtesy of Ungaro

Ungaro’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection is an example of the beauty of leisurely living, inspired by Mexico’s rich cultural heritage. Philippe Paubert  blendeds practical design with artistic innovation, creating a collection that not only celebrates the appeal of a luxurious Mexican escape but also offers modern, wearable pieces for today’s fashion-forward man.

View the collection in the Gallery below:

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Written by Anastasija Pavic

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