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How to Dress like a Male Runway Model

Here’s how you can use today’s fashions to look like a male model

How to Dress like a Male Runway Model
Photo ©Igor Cvoro for MMSCENE

If you’re interested in fashion and identify as male, you know how difficult it is to find clothes made for you. Most of the fashion industry is tailored to women, making it harder to find patterns, materials, fits, and accessories that make you look unique. After all, who wants to wear a black suit to every occasion?

Fortunately, the world of men’s fashion has been expanding throughout the years. Men’s fashion has become an essential part of the industry because men are demanding fresher styles. This is also increasing the popularity of male models, who are now enjoying more attention for their grace and elegance.

Luckily, if you want to become more fashionable and identify as male, you have plenty of examples to follow. Here’s how you can use today’s fashions to look like a male model.

How to Dress like a Male Runway Model

Watch Fashion Shows that Highlight Men’s Fashion

If you’re looking to emulate your favorite model, or look more like someone that just stepped off the runway, check into the current season of fashion shows. You can follow your favorite models on social media to see which shows they have coming up.

Watch the shows, and see which designers appeal to you. You can emulate the looks and build your wardrobe from there.

Know Your Measurements and Sizes

When looking to dress like a runway model, being aware of your measurements is essential. Measure your waist, shoulders, legs, and arms to see what sizes you are. With the numbers, you’ll tailor clothing pieces specifically to your body.

Part of the reason that models look so polished on the runway is because the clothes are made using their size measurements. Tailoring clothes to your body will make them fit better. However, don’t take the numbers too seriously; they are not indicative of your worth. No doubt, pant waist measurments is the most important one to know.


Nothing pulls together a runway look like the ideal accessories. If you’re interested in fashion, you know that even the best chosen outfits can look a bit plain without the right additional pieces. You can don a plain t-shirt and jeans with the right necklace chain and look like you stepped off the runway.

Plus, you can choose unconventional pieces to add flare to your look like a beret, hair clips, or unique bracelets.

How to Dress like a Male Runway Model
Photo ©Igor Cvoro for MMSCENE

Look for Clothes in Unique Places

If you value runway fashion looks, you know that the pieces look eccentric at times. The looks are funky and fun to try to emulate if you can. But, if you don’t know where to start you might be confused. Going to giant fashion stores or department stores won’t bring the interested fashion pieces that you’re looking for.

If you want to dress like a fashion model, you’ll want to look for clothes in unique places. Check out thrift stores, and not just the big ones. Look at local shops that carry clothes made by local designers. You can also look online to see if small designers are offering shipping of their goods to your area.

Embrace Your Love of Fashion

As a male, it can be difficult to step into the world of unique and creative fashion. Unfortunately, many societies make it socially difficult for men to explore their love of clothing. Even though it can be difficult at times, your love of fashion is wonderful.

Continue to expand and embrace your desire to wear well-fitting and stylish clothes. If you want to dress like you stepped off a runway, the only one in your way is yourself. No one else can tell you what to do. Be confident and true to yourself by dressing well.

Images from SILVER SCREEN HERO: Interview With Andres Velencoso – See the full story here


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