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Miyake Design Studio Launches IM MEN

Innovative design and international debut of IM MEN in London, Paris, Milan, New York, and Zurich

© Issey Miyake Design Studio IM MEN

IM MEN, the latest innovative menswear line from Miyake Design Studio‘s creative studio, is making its way to some of the fashion capitals of the world. With its official launch in June 2024 in London and subsequent shows the following month in Paris, Milan, New York, and Zurich, IM MEN expands upon the fundamental ideas of Issey Miyake‘s design, which is a careful investigation into the very meaning and practicality of “a piece of cloth.”

© Issey Miyake

The “im product,” a brand that was part of the ISSEY MIYAKE business and in existence from the late 1970s through the 1990s, is where the name “IM MEN” came. This relationship goes well beyond a surface level and is ingrained in the brand’s mission to provide useful items that consumers find appealing. IM MEN is dedicated to crafting items with creativity, ingenuity, and a sense of discovery, maintaining a dialogue with the legacy of its predecessor while developing new universal aesthetics and practicality.

© Issey Miyake

Under the IM MEN brand, one of the most notable collections is the “FLAT” line, which includes clothing that can be folded up fully, saving room in storage without sacrificing style. Whether it’s a coat or a jacket, each piece in the series maintains its distinctive edges and form-fitting silhouette when worn, but it can also be folded up small and tucked into its integrated rain cover thanks to a unique fabric processing technique.

© Issey Miyake

On the other hand, the “AIR” line takes a more relaxed approach, emphasising how the clothes fit and feel. With a combination of recycled plant-based polyester and hollow-fiber polyester, this series offers an appealing option for individuals who don’t want to sacrifice comfort. The textiles feel nearly unnoticeable on the skin since they are very light and designed to resist wrinkles. Formal design elements are skillfully combined with informal textures and patterns in the AIR series.

© Issey Miyake

The “COMPACT SHIRT” line of shirts is designed to fold into a little size similar to a handkerchief, which makes them perfect for travelling or small environments. The shirt’s detachable collar is made possible by its geometric design, which also adds visual appeal. The fabric used for this series has a soft, supple texture and resists wrinkles.

© Issey Miyake

Take a closer look at the collection in the Gallery below:

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Written by Pavle Banovic

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