Tips To Be Stylish As A Man

This list can help smarten you up as a man and make your dress smarter, without sacrificing comfort as well.

Dressing up well as a man goes beyond just looking attractive for women. It’s also about making a smarter and a better first impression. Whether you’re trying to please a girl, or you’re on a job interview, or even if you’re out for a casual day out, it can do you no harm for you to be smart and stylish.

To be smart and stylish doesn’t mean wearing something expensive. Even with whatever you have in your closet right now, you can tweak it around to make it more acceptable in the style department.

This list can help smarten you up as a man and make your dress smarter, without sacrificing comfort as well.

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1. Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

Yes, the size and the fit matters. If you’re the type to wear baggy clothes, now’s the time for you to change that. There’s nothing worse than looking shabby and baggy, like as if you just pulled out whatever you saw on the rack, without even trying it on. Whatever the price tag or brand of your clothes, if it doesn’t fit well, it doesn’t look good. Hence, one factor that you should be very particular about is the fit of your clothes.

For instance, if you used to be on the heavy side, and now you’ve finally gotten into losing all that extra weight, perhaps its time for you to give away your bigger-sized clothing. It’s a good enough reward for you to purchase shirts that fit your new size. Plus, when you’ve bid farewell to these baggy clothes, you’ll also have lesser chances of unfortunately going back to those bigger-sized clothing again.

A bonus tip: please do avoid baggy jeans. No, it just doesn’t look good to have your butt or boxers showing up once in a while. Shop for new jeans at Zachary Prell – Mens Fashion, which looks good and fits well on you.

2. Start Dressing Like A Grown-Up Man

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look younger than you really are. But, this has to come with a limit as well. If you’re in your 50’s, then certainly, a tee that suits a fifteen-year-old will not look good on you. You have to tone it down a little bit.

If you want to look stylish and put-together, you have to aim for a sophisticated look. Being youthful comes in your face, and not on the shirts that you’re wearing. Remember, in men, maturity is an outstanding criterion for being stylish. If you want to be treated like a grown-up, then you should certainly act like a grown-up as well.

3. Iron Your Clothes

This may seem like an all-too-common advice, but mind you, it’s also one of the most neglected. You’d be surprised to find out that not a lot of men actually do bother to iron their clothes. Especially for t-shirts, they think that because it’s going to stay crumply anyway during the day, that’s enough reason for them to do one less chore.

But, nothing speaks style and sharpness more than a crisp and clean shirt. The “I just got out of bed” look just won’t cut it.

4. Stock Up On Your Favorites

Mark Zuckerberg wears only gray shirts. Yet, he still looks stylish and put together. Maybe because grey looks good on him. And yes, also because his shirt and pants fit him well. Hence, chances are, his shirts might all be coming from the same brand.

While you don’t have to the extreme by wearing only gray, a good style tip for you to follow is to stock up on your favorites. Say, for instance, you have a shirt and a pair of jeans that are on sale, and that fit you very well, buy two or three of each. That way, you have enough supply of shirts and jeans that look good on you. Hence, even on lazy days when you don’t feel like thinking much about what you’re going to wear, you’re still going to look great.

5. Keep Your Gym Clothes Exclusively For The Gym

This last piece of advice is non-negotiable. Gym clothes are, as their name suggests, for the gym. No, they’re not for you to wear on a date. And no, not even when you’re out shopping, or having your lazy days out with friends.

Keep the gym clothes only for the gym. Why would you even want to wear a dry-fit shirt unless you’re working out? Doing so will only make you look like an immature and lazy boy who didn’t even put much thought about how you look going out.


Yes, you can look stylish without losing that level of masculinity that you’re aiming for. This list of style tips should be enough to prove that point to you.

Being a good dresser doesn’t entail being flashy. Being sharp and straightforward can go hand-in-hand. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to ace that stylish look that you’ve always been dreaming of.

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