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8 Must-Have Varieties of Socks in a Man’s Wardrobe

Here is a list of the must-have varieties of socks every man should have in his undergarments drawer to match up with different occasions

8 Must-Have Varieties of Socks in a Man's Wardrobe
Photography by ©Aaron Cameron Muntz

A pair of socks is an integral part of men’s clothing, both for comfort and style. Choosing the right material, length, and make for socks needs to be more streamlined and adds value to your dressing. Here is a list of the must-have varieties of socks every man should have in his undergarments drawer to match up with different occasions. 

Sock Insoles

Sock insoles are the best sweat-absorbing options. They cover your feet without making them warm and provide a layer of cloth for absorbing moisture between the shoes and the feet. They are anti-slip, made of latex, and can be washed and reused. These are the best sock options for low-rise shoes for boys during the spring and early summer months.

No-Show Socks

Providing a little more coverage than the sock insoles, these no-show socks do not peep out shoes for boys but cover the feet to provide the comfort needed. They are also known as loafer socks as they go best with loafers and boat shoes and cannot be teamed with anything formal. They are apt for summer casual wear and can be teamed best with cuffed chinos and shorts during the really hot months. 

Low-Cut Socks

These socks come just right up to the top edge of most low-top shoes. The sock ribs end around the ankle bone and work best for sensitive skin as it provides the protection they need due to painful chafing or blisters. They are best for working out indoors and can be teamed with chinos, shorts, boots, mid-rise shoes, or low athletic shoes. 

Ankle Socks

Ankle socks’ most athletic endeavours require these socks as their best resort. They fall between no-show and crew socks and look great with joggers and track pants. They can be worn during summer, spring, fall, and even during workouts and teamed with hiking boots, sneakers, or any other athletic wear.

Crew Socks

Crew socks are the most commonly used socks and cover the ankle and end at the bottom or middle of most men’s calves. The silk and synthetic options are the best for everyday wear and go well for long-distance runners and hikers due to the added protection and absorbency. They can be worn all year round with casual and activewear but are not meant for formal and dressy occasions.

Mid-Calf Socks

These socks are also called trouser-length socks and are mostly used by people in business and professionals to create an impression. They are generally made of thinner fabrics and come in various sport-decorative patterns, which look great when teamed with dress pants. You can choose colourful patterns for any occasion, and the single hues are best for business attires.

8 Must-Have Varieties of Socks in a Man's Wardrobe
Photography by ©Aaron Cameron Muntz

Over-The-Calf Knee-High Socks 

These are thigh-length socks and not very popular these days even though they are one of the most comfortable ones. The thinner variations are to be worn with formal summertime wear, while the woollen varieties are best for keeping the legs warm throughout the winter months. 

Dress Socks 

Perfect for formal wear, these socks are the perfect option to make you stand out in the crowd while showing off your style. Subtle patterns, materials, and finishes go well with dinner jackets and formal wear while keeping you most comfortable in your shoes, even if you have to shake a leg. 

Different Types of Materials for the Socks

You cannot possibly wear any fabric socks for every season. While the summer months demand thin and more absorbent varieties, the winter months call for thicker and warmer options. Here is a list of the different fabrics in which socks for men are manufactured and made available.

  • Cotton- Cotton socks are best for the summer months. They are highly absorbent, soft, and comfortable. Cotton socks are known to absorb any moisture and will help you maintain good hygiene in your feet. They allow the skin to breathe. 
  • Wool- They are warm, wrinkle-resistant, absorb moisture and retain their shape for long. They have insulating properties and are best for keeping the feet warm during the chilly winter months. 
  • Bamboo- These are soft, sustainable, cosy, light, and breathable. They keep the feet cool. They have natural anti-microbial properties and are best for people with hypoallergenic tendencies. 
  • Synthetic- (Nylon/polyester)- These are the most viable varieties in socks as they keep moisture away, dry quickly, and keep the feet cool in the summer months. They are strong, stable, soft, and last longer. 

Final Take

With the points mentioned above, we have gone through all the varieties of socks for men and what material would be ideal. All you need to do is log on to the Snapdeal portal and take your pick for the best quality socks at the most competitive rates, make the payment, and sit back to receive your parcel right at your doorstep.

Images from Behind the Blinds by Aaron Cameron Muntz – See the full story here

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