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Last week on Instagram we keep up with the beach ready Jonathan Bellini, Manu Rios, Jay Alvarez, Neels Visser and Pietro Boselli but also with the latest action from Ton Heukels, Toni Mahfud, Alton Mason and more.

Check out the best of last weeks off duty action on Instagram.

Winter time ?? my favorite time of the year!! Back home with good friends, good waves and amazing music ???..  #hawaii” @jayalvarrez

“Mornings with Levi.I’m so excited to see who you’ll become.#dadlife #dad” @chadwhite21

“How i feel after walking for 30 minutes on the brooklyn bridge and apparently not even being half way” @therealtonheukels

When they say don’t be so dramatic… Me:” @tonimahfud

“Guess I’m hungry ?” @augusta_alexander

“back to summer days” @manurios


“Incognito..??? bye bye New York. We will miss you ? off to the next one????” @stefan_pollmann

“O homem que não tinha nada, tinha de tudo,
Artrose, artrite, diabetes e o que mais tiver..
Mas tinha dentro da sua alma muito conteúdo,
E mesmo sem ter quase nada ele ainda tinha fé ?? ! Aprendendo e vivendo ?? #espalheamor” @jouubellini

“where are u shorty” @paulsturm_

“big dreams” @jaronbaker

Contemplation” @pietroboselli

everyone loves @dolcegabbana” @pietrobaltazar

“the love below” @altonmason

feeling blessed to travel to so many new places this year ? I gain a new level of appreciation from the culture of each place I go to, which is the most amazing feeling ever my friends. Work hard, work smart, and be nice to people, you will succeed xx” @neelsvisser

“Think twice before messing with El Mustachio” @jamiejwise

“#nudecolor” @edisonfanye

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