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BEST OF JANUARY INSTAGRAMS: Elliot Meeten, Roberto Bolle, Quincy Brown ….

derek chadwick

Best of January Instagrams with top models Oliver Cheshire, Alton Mason, Andres Sanjuan, Neels Visser, Elliot Meeten, Toni Mahfud, Edison Fan, River Viiperi and Christian Hogue as well as actor Quincy Brown and ballet superstar Roberto Bolle to name a few.

From Christmas Holidays into New Years to sunny beachside holiday getaways, see the best of January 2019 Instagram action: 

Happiest when I’m on the water! I need another vacation though. Where to next? ” @quincy

Simon Hamidavi

“A little #mondaymotivation for myself – throwback to Barcelona with warmer days and less fat ?” @simonhrm

neels visser

“swimming in a sea of dreams… what’s your biggest dream?” @neelsvisser

edison fan

“Always cross streets with caution ?” @edisonfanye

“In my mind he’s thinking” daaad not in front of my friends?”” @official_hogue


“layers 2222 my soul” @jaronbaker

“Morning dip”  @oliver_cheshire

“au revoir Paris ??” @sashadidntwakeup

“Yesterday will be remembered as the Taco day ?” @xserrano9

andres sanjuan


river viiperi

“?? LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. ?? Anyone in danger!? ?” @riverviiperi

ton heukels

“So, yes, in case you’re wondering, my favorite colour is pink #pinkitwasloveatfirstsight” @therealtonheukels

toni mafhud

“WARNING • No entry for any kind of fake vibes. Passing on your own risk. Real intentions only. • It’s been a while since you last heard from me, but I’m back now and wanted to wish you a successful and peaceful new year!  Inspire, create, and break barriers! Not only just for yourself, but for the ones weaker than you too. 🙂 Don’t get caught up on all these New Years resolutions around you. Focus on yourself and what’s the best for you and your close ones. Don’t get worked up over things you can’t change, or people you can’t change, and shouldn’t. If they don’t mean it, they can go. I’m sick of all these games.  It’s not worth the enger build up or headache. Control only what you can and want. I know it’s easier said than done, but everything else LET GO. Expect nothing — appreciate everything.” @tonimahfud

keith powers

“Le doy gracias a Dios por bendecir a mi Reina con su 24 años de vida. Te amo, cariño. #HBDRD” @keithpowers

alton mason

“heard u” @altonmason

roberto bolle

“Almost ready! #bolletour2019@teatrodegliarcimboldi @timandrijashenko@nicola_del_freo #rehearsal #studio#practice ? @sergiogoglia” @robertobolle

derek chadwick

paradise” @derekchadwick

florian macek

“Hey ?” @florianmacek

elliot meeten

“Leaner is better ?” @elliotmeeten

stefan pollmann

“Back in Down Under ????? But Miss my baby girl already ? .” @stefan_pollmann

Matt Law

“A vida que eu quero ????”  @mattclaw

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