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MMSCENE GUIDE: How To Resell Yeezys

Are you looking for a way to resell your Yeezys? We’ve compiled this quick guide to get started and help quickly sell your sneakers for a profit.

The Kanye West-designed adidas YEEZY sneakers have revolutionized the current sneaker market. The in-your-face, over the top design elicits adoration, jealousy, and perplexity in equal quantities. YEEZY sneakers are unavoidable, whether it’s because the 700s and 750s created high fashion crossovers or because the 350s just sparked a multi-million dollar resale and fake industry.

Because they are regularly released in limited quantities are flying off the shelves in an instant. Due to their popularity, they are considered a “fluid” asset in the resale industry, and as such it is nearly impossible to find a pair for retail.

Given the current expansion of the aftermarket industry, now would be an excellent time for people looking for more ways to generate money to jump on the bandwagon.

However, there are certain things to keep in mind while reselling your sneakers. What are the costs? How long will it take to sell or get paid for the sneakers? How will you be compensated? How much work must you expend on your end? Will anybody come to your aid if you are duped? We’re here to help you turn your sneakers into cash by directing you to the best reseller sites that deal with online drops.

How to Get Inventory

The planning phase is the most crucial one while purchasing your Yeezys online. Here is how to lay the groundwork for your Yeezy copping enterprise: They are offered on, Yeezy Supply, and in a small number of shops throughout the world. On the morning of the release date, you may purchase them online at, or you can make a reservation using the adidas Confirmed App. They are in high demand, making it challenging to get them at retail. They are nearly never available off the shelf in stores. To buy a pair, you must win some sort of raffle.

Which Platform to Use

The next step is to find the right platform to sell your Yeezys. Here is a list of the most popular sites, retailers, and methods for reselling your shoes.


GOAT is the best platform to sell your Yeezys for the asking price or to leave them waiting for the highest bidder. All sellers can sell their new or used things on thr marketplace. The items however, must be authenticated by professionals.

Because verification is required, you may be confident that the site is trustworthy and only offers genuine products. The site features a good mix of vintage and new products. The site offers a user interface that is welcoming and straightforward to use. The customer experience is excellent.


As the market leader in this niche of retail, with a pair of sneakers selling on its marketplace every 9 seconds in 2020, eBay is certainly worth a try. Similar to its rivals, its Authenticity Guarantee program contracts with an independent group of industry experts to verify each shoe sold for more than $150.


While StockX is a great site to buy sneakers, it is also a good place to sell your Yeezy sneakers. The platform is designed particularly for reselling footwear, shoes, and accessories. It allows sellers to verify their rivals’ pricing and all costs at any time. This is advantageous since it allows sellers to simply monitor and track the pricing and quantity of things sold.

StockX is a great platform, however it has certain limitations because sellers might take advantage of the prices provided. The majority of merchants ignore the value of the sneaker and wind up providing lower rates.

The seller fees vary across platforms, so make sure to do your research before you make your final choice.

How to Make Money Reselling Yeezys

There is definitely some profit to be made from Yeezys, but you must be smart about the sneakers you choose to resell. The first step in understanding how to resell Yeezys is to have foresight. In order to properly forecast in-demand releases, you must first have a thorough understanding of the business! Start by reading the leading sneaker blogs and find as many early links as you can. Another good idea is to follow relevant Twitter accounts that deal with sneakers and look out for any changes to release calendars. Research which Yeezys are most popular and which have a higher resale value

In case you missed it, take a look at our guide of the best Yeezy sneakers for women in 2022.

Upcoming Yeezys Releases to watch out for

Keeping up with the weekly release of new sneakers from Kanye West‘s Adidas Yeezy brand may be downright stressful. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the future styles that you need to keep an eye out for if you’re sick of looking around for information on the launch of the newest releases.

Image Courtesy of ©GOAT

Yeezy 350 ‘Salt’

The Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Salt” comes in a trendy colorway midway between light blue and grey. The color is featured on the Primeknit as well as the laces and midsole. The silhouette’s trademark stripe, in a dark “Core Black,” then brushes over the side, complementing the logo across the sockliner.

For those who have been waiting for this colorway to be released, the adidas YEEZY 350 Salt will be available on October 22 at adidas and select retailers for $230.

Image Courtesy of ©GOAT

Yeezy Foam Runner ‘Flax’

The iconic adidas Yeezy Foam Runner will be available in a new colorway for the 2022 holiday season, the Yeezy Foam Runner ‘Flax.’ Following repeated re-releases of its neutral-toned models, the upcoming sneaker is the first in-line offering since its “MX Carbon” and “Onyx” counterparts appeared this summer. Covered in mocha from toe to heel with its porous top and hefty tread underfoot receiving the clad “Flax” treatment, the shoe delivers a distinct, more vibrant construction compared to its lighter counterparts.

Image Courtesy of ©GOAT

Yeezy Slides ‘Azure’

The EVA-injected foam design is set to release in a striking shade of “Azure” blue. This pair is guaranteed to be a success as it’s the first YEEZY Slide colorway to incorporate a shade of blue. As usual, branding is kept to a minimum, with the Three Stripes appearing in tonal form on the footbed. The adidas YEEZY Slides “Azure” is set to release later this year via Adidas and select retailers globally for $70.

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