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MMSCENE GUIDE: Choosing the Perfect Lingerie for Your Woman

MMSCENE team brings you the ultimate tips on what to consider when shopping lingerie for your significant other

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Lingerie is a piece of clothing that should provide us with comfort and convenience on a daily basis, but also to spice up our wardrobe, and encourage our self-confidence on special occasions. Therefore, lingerie exists in different shapes, made of special materials, and tailored to suit every shape of body. If you want to buy a set of quality lingerie as a gift for your darling, but you do not know how to choose the right one, you are not sure about the number she’s wearing, the shape, or if it will fit her properly, this is the article just for you. If you pay attention to certain details and follow our steps, this experience can be easy and fun.


The best way to find out the size is to ask your significant other. But where is the fun in that?! The next best option is to peek into her underwear realm. Take advantage of the moment when she is not at home and rummage through the drawer where she keeps her underwear. A quick look at the label will provide you all the informations you need, but if you’re still not sure you can always bring a representative copy to your shopping spree. Also, pay attention to the recent pieces she bought, maybe her number has changed over time.

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You probably want to buy your significant other something you like and would like to see her in. Still, you should consider what she likes and what she likes to wear, no woman wants to feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with her look. If she never wore thongs, she probably wouldn’t wear them even if you buy them for her. Paying attention to your woman’s style can tell you a lot about what she likes to wear. If she likes casual and comfortable dressing, you should definetly not buy her a push-up wired padded bra.


Women’s underwear can be made of different materials, with admixtures of lace, silk, but also synthetic materials that are not always pleasant for the skin. Therefore, when choosing, one of the most important factors is the material. Depending on the occasion, you will choose the piece that best meets your woman’s needs. For everyday wear, cotton is undoubtedly the most pleasant, and the highest quality natural material. Cotton underwear is also advised for hygienic reasons, and even if the underwear is made of some other material, it is desirable that the part that is in contact with the most sensitive part of the body be made of cotton. If you want something more formal and sensual underwear, you can opt for silk in combination with lace.

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Style & Design

As far as style and design goes, you can let your imagination run wild. There are so many styles, from two piece lingerie, to bodysuits, halters, corsets. Every underwear lover knows that a combination of a bra and panties, that is, wearing a ‘full look’, can contribute to attractiveness. Namely, the sets are designed to be extremely sensual and attractive, and it is up to you to choose the pattern or work that goes best for your woman. If you still want complete freedom and authenticity, you can make the combination yourself by choosing the bra and panties of your choice at french lingerie lejaby and fit them together.

When you think of attractive lingerie the first association is usually black or red pieces. Undoubtedly, these colors are the right thing to do when you want to bring seductive and daring underwear, but they are not the only option. Namely, when it comes to the color of underwear, this feature is also individual, and can depend a lot on what suits her the best, ie. which shades do not fit with her skin tone, face, eyes and hair. Thus, it is not uncommon for some ladies to look great with pink and pink pieces, or some other bright color, which emphasizes their complexion in a great way. Bordeaux, burgundy and dark green lingerie can be great choices for ladies with lighter skin. It is also interesting that certain shades predominate in winter, and certain in summer, so you can make a difference here if it is important for you to match the laundry with the shades of a certain season.

Take these tips into consideration and pick the most amazing piece for your significant other.

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