Hair Care: What You Need To Know About DHT Blockers

Hair Care

If you are one of those people who view themselves as losing hair, you will be looking for ways to stop hair loss. Formulas are numerous, and so are the products, however what it comes down is chemistry.

In come the DHT blockers, a touchy subject therefore findout more: 

Hair Care

What are DHT Blockers?

DHT blockers claim to be a supplement that tries to stop hair loss. The supplements claim to block DHT, this in turn aids in increasing the formation of the other hormones which are involved in hair health.  If you choose a DHT blocker treatment it is of vital importance you know the side effects of these before you take them.

Save Your Money

Finding the adequate products may come at a hefty price, especially when we are talking DHT blockers. The important questions is are they really that effective? It has been claimed that some individuals who have taken DHT blockers actually did not see any difference within their hair loss rate, and even less, any major regrowth. It may be so that you lose hair at nearly the same rate as before, the difference being that you have wasted money. Factors for this are numerous, however what you can do is make sure this product will work for you before buying it. Never buy a product before looking for reviews, if possible try and get free samples from your local pharmacist.

Hair Care

Low libido

A side effect of the blockers claims to be that they block the formation of dihydrotestosterone. It has been stated that this hormone tends to be up to 10 times stronger in comparison to testosterone, therefore may be an important component of one’s sexual health. For those who block this hormone, their health may suffer. Therefore it is necessary to consult your doctor before you start taking products containing DHT blockers.

Prostate issues

Most of products with DHT blockers claim not to cause prostate issues. Nevertheless, according to multiple sources they may contribute to them. One’s sexual along with reproductive organs need a very specific balance when it comes to hormones, to function properly. It has been claimed that when one blocks one of the important hormones, then the others do not remain in balance as well. The result may be the higher production of estrogen or even androgen than is healthy, causing prostate problems. You should know that anything which blocks healthy hormones tends to be something that should be taken with extreme caution as well as consideration.

Erectile problems

The thing that provides men with hard and long-lasting erections claims to be testosterone; Therefore if one blocks testosterone, even DHT, their erections may suffer. If you are one of those men, who find it tough getting an erection, keeping this for much time will also be tough. Therefore keep this in mind before you consider taking DHT blockers. The main issue with DHT blockers claims to be the point that there are actually “supplements.” This means that little, or actually, no testing may have been done to ensure that are safe to use or not.

No FDA guidelines or even regulation may be present. You should also know that very little research may have been carried out into these type of products. Before taking any products that claim to produce some impact, it is important that you look at the positive and negative points of that particular product. Some of the Side Effects of DHT Blockers have been stated here. It is better to consult your doctor before taking these supplements.

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