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Nike’s .SWOOSH Releases Its First Virtual Collection

Nike’s platform for virtual creations started with a new, digital community and now has more than 330,000 members.

Courtesy of © Nike ©.SWOOSH

Nike’s new platform for virtual creations, .SWOOSH is launching its first digital-creation collection, Our Force 1 (OF1). The OF1 collection is available in two digital “boxes,” namely, the Classic Remix box and the New Wave box. Each box is priced at $19.82 USD and contains a digital version of the emblematic Air Force 1 designed by Our Force.


Nike designed multiple access locations for purchasing an OF1 box, and all members of .SWOOSH will have the opportunity to acquire an OF1 virtual creation. They can open their OF1 box to determine which Our Force One shoe it contains, discover its unique characteristics, and uncover utilities in the coming months to gain access to exclusive physical products and experiences.

Courtesy of © Nike ©.SWOOSH

In order to access the OF1 library, one must first select one of two digital “boxes,” the Classic Remix box or the New Wave box. Each Our Force 1 is a digital recreation of one of the most recognizable Air Force 1s ever made. .SWOOSH Members get the chance to purchase their favorite classic archival AF1 record from 1982–2006 in the Classic Remix package. It could also be a one-of-a-kind AF1 with a retro-inspired makeover. A classic archive released in 2007 or later, or a fully customizable AF1 with an avant-garde slant, could be found in the New Wave box. The four .SWOOSH “Your Force 1” winners collaborated on AF1s that are dispersed among both boxes.

The OF1 collection shows how Nike will continue to innovate at the intersection of play and culture for the future of sports. We are exploring new ways to tell stories and create relationships while removing the barriers and limitations of physical product. With more members choosing to express themselves across physical and digital worlds, .SWOOSH is the marketplace of the future.
– says Ron Faris, GM of Nike Virtual Studios.

Courtesy of © Nike ©.SWOOSH

In the near future, SWOOSH will add new features and perks to these one-of-a-kind Nike virtual creations, such as access to special physical products or experiences.

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