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BTS Member Jimin Covers GQ Korea November 2023 Issue

GQ Magazine features k-pop sensation Jimin on the cover of their latest edition

Jimin GQ
K-pop star Jimin photographed by © Hong Jang Hyun for GQ Korea Magazine

BTS member Jimin takes the cover story of GQ Korea Magazine‘s November 2023 edition lensed by fashion photographer Hong Jang Hyun. In charge of styling was Kim Young Jin, with fashion direction from Chun Hee Ran. Beauty is work of hair stylist Hansom at Bit & Boot, and makeup artist Kim Da Reum. This special edition of Korean GQ will captivate readers with three distinct cover versions, an expansive 20-page photoshoot, and an insightful interview with the star. Adorned in exquisite looks from the Dior Winter 2023 Collection, Jimin posed the covers and talked about his inspirations and career during the interview.

Jimin GQ
Photography © Hong Jang Hyun for GQ Korea Magazine

In a thought-provoking exchange, GQ Korea posed an intriguing question to Jimin: If all languages of the world were to vanish, what singular expression would he choose to retain? Jimin’s profound response was, “The last word, or act I would like to leave behind would be to bow with gratitude. To bow has multiple meanings. Being happy to meet someone, feeling grateful, saying goodbye, showing consideration for the other person. So much context can be found within the act of bowing.

Jimin GQ
Photography © Hong Jang Hyun for GQ Korea Magazine

Photography © Hong Jang Hyun for GQ  Korea Magazine, read more at


  1. nothing against JIMIN but magazines are just sucking up to BTS fans…. JIMIN has no career. How about bring somebody to the cover like FELIX from STRAY KIDS ! He is already LOUIS VUITTON ambassador…. byeee JIMIN

    • you realize jimin is literally the it boy so he will most likely sell more than any other idol 😭😭?? like you’re obviously biased bcs felix is your fav but don’t embarrass yourself now… and if we’re talking about ambassadors jimin has alr been a LV ambassador and he’s now Diors Global ambassador and tiffany’s so pls don’t ever embarrass ur self like this omg😭

    • Felix adores Jimin so much…sooooo???
      I think Jimin is 100%Koreaitboy..born,school,career in Korea from 0 to Hero..he is amazing..i think and also DiorTiffany,Elle,GQ think💜

    • The only reason they aren’t on top right now is because of military reasons! That’s something that cannot be avoided for them as artists. If they were still in the game, they would 100% be on top, possibly number #1, in my opinion, #1. If you don’t care for them, and think it’s just for ARMY, do a bit of looking further, watch their concerts, etc. Youtube has 100’s of videos. They absolutely are and still continue to be amazingly talented; even in their solo endeavors.

    • Is this what you learn from your adorable idol Felix. Can you please tell me that is your idol is the same as you?! Or it’s just you leaving bad impact on him .
      I really admire him but I’m really sucked with his fans attitude.
      It’s certainly a shame.
      If you are a real fan you would better stop criticizing others , it’ll be the greatest way for you to show your love to him.

  2. Bearing cover. His response to the question about if there was no language was extremely intriguing and thought provoking.

  3. Jimin is very deserving of being the cover of GQ. He is the ambassador for Dior and Tiffany’s due to his beauty. He has made music on his own during the group’s hiatus which contains his own unique beauty in musical form. He has been all over the world performing with his beautiful singing and exquisite dance routines. His numerous monetary donations to various charities shows another form of beauty, an inner beauty. When I think of Jimin, I notice his BEAUTY inside and out.

  4. I am so proud of him. It’s sad that celebrities will never lead a normal life anymore. Jiminshiii will be recognized by his walk, his pinky, eyes, tattoos…etc. I wonder if he would ever know pure happiness being surrounded by strict rules, extra measures that has to be taken for his safety, yes men (and women) aggressive fanatics, clout chasers and more. I pray he surrounds himself with REAL people and REAL friends. 😘💜

  5. I can’t understand the haters… This was a beautiful photo shoot, cover so exquisite! My advice to anyone with a negative opinion is to keep it to yourself!

  6. this cover needs to go to somebody new and more talented…. i can’t believe Korean magazines are ignoring Felix over JIMIN! An old dude who in 10 years never had an album….

  7. Let’s highlight this Jimin has already released his 1st Solo album he hit 1st on the Billboard Charts he is the first Korean out of BTS to do this. 2nd he is the ambassador for Dior & Tiffany. There’s such hate when it comes to all the members of BTS give me a break you want to slam each member and bully them when all they have done is make it in a tough market. You have no clue what they endured!!! But yet I fail to see any member of Stray Kids do a solo project yet. You can slam Jimin but all your doing is making yourself look like an ass. You’re not in K-Pop you don’t understand what ALL KPOP members go through not seeing their parents for years. Haters get a real job and stop being jealous. Finally Old Man see him in concert oh wait all you can do is bully I’d hate to see you as a parent with your child.

  8. Felix and Jimin have respect for each other. Isn’t it a shame the Fandom can’t be as respectful as the artists are? Jimin looked absolutely amazing on this cover. The magazine will sell well. And if Felix is chosen to cover another month, he will do well also.

  9. I don’t know what these people learned from their idols!

    But what we ARMY learned from our idols is to just ignore the hate and love.

    We have got ethics, dude. What about you critics?

    I pity you guys.

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