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“Are You Sure?!” Series featuring BTS Stars Jimin and Jung Kook

BTS Members Jimin and Jung Kook set to explore new horizons in Disney+ Series “Are You Sure?!”

Jimin Jung Kook
BTS members Jimin and Jung Kook star in Are You Sure?! / Courtesy of DISNEY+

Disney+ has revealed a new unscripted travel reality series, “Are You Sure?!,” featuring BTS members Jimin and Jung Kook. Set to premiere on August 8, 2024, this eight-episode series provides an intimate look at the duo’s travels and experiences, offering fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into their lives before they commenced their mandatory military service.

Filmed in 2023, “Are You Sure?!” follows Jimin and Jung Kook as they embark on a summer adventure across three distinct locations: New York, Jeju Island in South Korea, and Sapporo in Japan. This series captures the essence of their friendship and chemistry through a variety of activities. From eating and shopping to camping and canoeing, the show showcases their interactions with local cultures and cuisines, highlighting their bond and individual personalities through a variety of experiences.

This series is part of a broader collaboration between Disney+ and Hybe, which has already produced notable content such as “Permission To Dance” and “BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star.” Each episode of “Are You Sure?!” will be released weekly on Thursdays, beginning on August 8 and continuing until September 19, 2024. This release allows fans to savor each adventure and keep up with the unfolding journey of Jimin and Jung Kook over several weeks.

In parallel news, BTS member Jin has been selected as a torchbearer for the 2024 Paris Olympics, representing messages of harmony and peace. Jin, who recently completed his 18-month mandatory military service, is poised to re-enter the public eye with plans to release new music and participate in television variety shows. His return marks the beginning of a gradual reassembly of BTS, with the entire group expected to reunite in 2025 after all members complete their military duties.

Jin’s military service began in December 2022, with J-Hope and Suga following in April and September 2023, respectively. RM, V, Jung Kook, and Jimin began their service in December. Despite their individual commitments, the members have continued to engage with fans through various means, ensuring a continued connection with their global audience.

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