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BEST OF SUMMER 2018 INSTAGRAMS: Toni Mahfud, Cameron Dallas, Xavier Serrano…

augusta alexander
With first day of Fall rolling in we are reminiscing of soon-to-be-gone Summer days with some of the best Summer 2018 Instagram moments. Best of the season behind us with Augusta Alexander, Edison Fan, Manu Rios, Matt Law, Toni Mahfud, Cameron Dallas, Xavier Serrano and more.

Scroll down for all the Summer 2018 action by your fave guys on IG:

edison fan

“Behind the scene #behindthescenes pics from our latest photoshoot for @omg_sportswear , with @minky.l 
#onmygame #summer #fitness” @edisonfanyeaugusta alexander

“Already missing this view 🇬🇷 🌊”@augusta_alexandercameron dallas

Hard day at work” @camerondallasxavier serrano

“You are not going to see many pictures with t-shirt this week 🤷🏽‍♂️” @xserrano9troye sivan

Lol deleting this soon bc ??? But hey yall it’s trade Sivan doing #bloom phoner interviews from the pool. Bloom is out in 25 days!!!!” @troyesivan
keith powers

toni mahfud

” I’m currently listening to music, selecting photos, and reminiscing about those last 7 days… From waking up in the middle of the Aegean Sea watching sunrise from the top of our yacht to dancing and having dinner under the rain with so many amazing people I got the chance to connect with. Thanks to the whole DW and #theyachtweek Team and everyone else for this amazing experience and memories! 🖤 
I wouldn’t change a thing rather it’s good or bad! I feel like people should really be more spontaneous and work on their fears. I’ve never been on a yacht and never jumped into the deep blue water in the middle of the nowhere literally, I felt like something would eat me right away lol, but I did it at 5am with the sun rising behind me and it was one of the most beautiful mornings I’ve had! It’s different than jumping into clear water next to the islands… so dark and mysterious, I loved it! “ @tonimahfudmario adrion

“Call me maybe?🥕I love connecting with YOU guys!😘I’m happy to have such a positive community in the @carrotkingdom” @marioadrionmanu rios

“i want that trophy”  @manuriosjacob hankin

“How can you not have a smile on your face when you’re in a place as beautiful as this????” @jacobhankin

alton mason

“pull me up” @altonmasonoliver cheshire

“Double naughty jet lag got me like” @oliver_cheshirechristian combs

“NY summertime where the Vibez is!!!” @kingcombsmatt law

“I’ve always been shy 🤷🏼‍♂️😂 wear what you dare 💙💚🔥 #Ibiza” @mattclaw


Ollie Edwards

The Travel Suit: Ollie Edwards Models Mango Fall Winter 2018 Collection