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Christmas Party Fashion for Men

Party Fashion

The holidays are swiftly approaching, which means it’s nearly time to fill your calendar with holiday events and parties. And though one party wouldn’t pose a problem, trying to figure out what to wear to five or six different ones — each with its own style and a different level of formality — can be a challenge.

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Fashion Tips for Every Holiday Party

Do you remember when the holidays were a simple matter? You joined one side of the family on Christmas Eve and the other side on Christmas Day, or some variation of this. Perhaps an office function slipped into the schedule in mid-December, but your calendar probably wasn’t jammed with one event after another.

Though there’s something to be said for cutting back your obligations and cleaning up your calendar, certain holiday events cannot be missed. And if you’re anything like most guys, knowing how to dress for every one of them may be a bewildering challenge.

So we’re offering you some inspiration for five different kinds of parties and how you may make yourself dapper and festive for each setting.

The Office Party

The office party is one of the more difficult holiday events to navigate. In order to determine how formal or casual you should go, watch for a few telltale signs for clues.

First, when and where is the event? If it’s an office party in the middle of a weekday, then you can just wear what you would normally have on at the office and show up.

If the party is scheduled outside of normal work hours at an independent location, the time of day will be your key. If it’s a lunch or mid-afternoon gathering, dark jeans or khakis with a T-shirt and blazer will give you a nice relaxed look without much effort.

If it’s a dinner party, you might consider wearing some slacks with a nice Oxford shirt, blazer, and a tie.

The Cocktail Party

If you’re attending a cocktail party, you should err on the side of overdressing. Nobody is going to frown on someone who is dressed too sharply or formally at a cocktail party, but you’re apt to get a few looks if you show up in attire that’s overly casual for the event.

Your best bet is to wear a dark suit, solid-colored Oxford, and a simple tie (red, green, navy, or black). A complementary pocket square will complete this clean, sophisticated look.

The Costume/Themed Party

While office events and cocktail parties are an integral part of the holiday season, too many of them can feel stuffy. It’s refreshing to attend a costume or themed party, which gives you a chance to have some fun.

This holiday season, you should expect Christmas-themed suits to be popular. They’re the perfect mix of formal, unique, and eye-catching. They’re also far easier to assemble than having to run around from store to store piecing together various accessories for a full costume.

The Casual Friend Party

The one holiday event you’re probably going to anticipate most eagerly will be the casual friends gathering. These usually take place at a friend’s house on the weekend and tend to be low-key and highly enjoyable.

At an event like this, you want to look good and feel comfortable. Believe it or not, the turtleneck has made an unlikely comeback. Match it with a pair of jeans, casual blazer, and some Chelsea boots for a sleek, yet relaxed look.

The Family Party

Finally, there’s the family party. For many people, these are the toughest to plan for. You want to be stylish, but you also know that Great Aunt Ethel will be eyeing you as soon as you walk in the door.

You’ll know your family dynamic best, of course, but it may be smart to play it safe with a nice holiday-colored button-down and neat pair of slacks. If you want to dress that formality down a bit, throw on a fun pair of socks.

Look Good, No Matter the Occasion

Whether it’s a casual gathering with family and friends or a fancy cocktail party with all your most important professional acquaintances, you can find simple ways to look good and enjoy yourself. This article offers some ideas you can be put into action this holiday season.

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