Pomade: What it is, its Benefits and is it Better than Gel?

Make sure you choose the best product for your hair

Feeling good starts with looking good. And nothing is more important to a man looking good than his hair. But with such a high interest in hair styling, the market has got saturated with products. Wax, gel, pomade, which one is better? Sometimes it is hard to choose. That is why we are here to help! Because we know how important your hair styling is for you and want to make sure you choose the best product for your hair.

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What is Pomade?

When it was first used, back in the 1950’s, pomade was essentially hair grease. It gave a slick combed back look, while weighing the hair down. It also caused damage to the hair. Meaning that looking slick came at a price. Because the main ingredient used was petroleum jelly, it would block moisture from reaching the hair. This would then cause severe damage to the shaft of your hair. Furthermore, because it was so thick and heavy it was difficult to wash out and special shampoos, used to help wash it out of your hair, had chemicals which damaged the cuticle. But despite the damage it could cause to your hair, it was praised for its fixing capabilities, wet look and durability.

Pomades of today are no longer made with petroleum jelly and can be washed out in one single wash with everyday shampoo. The pomades use natural oils and lighter ingredients, offering the same long-lasting, strong hold as pomades of old. But causing no damage at all to your hair. There are organic and vegan pomades available in today’s market, with some stores even offering you the possibility of adding or removing ingredients. This shows that pomades have made a large step forward in the hair styling world.

What are the benefits to using pomade?

The benefits of pomade are focused on its superior strength to hold hair in place. Most hair stylists will use pomade to style curly or “out of control” hair. Beyond that, it gives your hair a stunning shine and wet-look. This is thanks to ingredients such as castor, coconut and olive oil, all natural ingredients. It is showing that pomades are taking the health of your hair very seriously.

While pomade is not a moisturiser, it does lock in additional moisture in your hair. If you apply on wet hair or over a water-based moisturiser, the pomade will keep that moisture in your hair for a long period of time. You can even find pomades that can help hair growth. Look out for sulphur amongst its ingredients, as that is the key to helping your hair grow strong and healthy. They can also help eliminate hairsprays, which are damaging to the environment.

Is Pomade better than hair gel?

In a nutshell, no. Both are as good as each other but are more frequently used in different hair styles. Both also offer different characteristics. For example:

Pomade is recommended to be used on curly, out-of-control or dry hair, because it offers hold, but still allows the hair to move about freely. While it also offers shine, saving your hair from looking dry.

On the other hand, gel is ideal for men with fine hair, because it thickens the hair, adds style and texture. When you have thin hair, texture is very important. Gel also offers a stronger hold.

Hair stylists always recommend, that no matter what you are putting in your hair to create your style, you make sure it is alcohol free. And here is where both types of styling products differ. When choosing a gel, chemicals will be what help hold your hair in place, as it dries better and harder. In contrast, when choosing a pomade, it is natural ingredients that will give you a more natural look and leaves your hair feeling silky.

Your style, your way

Therefore, no matter which product you use, make sure you pick the right one for your hair. Ensure you get the best natural ingredient pomades to keep your hair looking natural. Avoid any products containing alcohol, as it dries your hair and causes damage to the shaft. Now, go out there and look amazing. Choose your style and wear it your way!

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