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3 Functional Accessories a Man Should Always Have

Here are 3 functional accessories you need to kit your wardrobe out with

3 Functional Accessories a Man Should Always Have

Fashion is a huge industry! Whether you prefer the casual look or have expensive taste, you should always accentuate your style and show off your personality. Buttons, badges, necklaces, bracelets… you name it – they all add something special to your outfit.

Better still, some accessories also have a function on top of looking great. If you don’t have some already, here are 3 functional accessories you need to kit your wardrobe out with.

1. Hats

Whether warding off the sun’s rays or bracing against the chill, the versatility of hats makes them an indispensable accessory in any wardrobe. They’re more than just seasonal adornments; they’re a year-round fashion statement, adaptable to any occasion.

Imagine you’re attending a springtime sporting event, where comfort and sun protection are key. Caps, with their easy portability and face-shading prowess, are the perfect companion. They’re not just practical; they’re also a style statement, available in a myriad of designs. Opt for the understated sophistication of a golf hat from Stitch Golf, or infuse a vibrant touch with a colorful snapback. The choice is yours.

Heading to an alfresco soiree? Consider a wide-brimmed sun hat. Offering ample shade for your face and shoulders, these hats blend functionality with a dash of elegance. They’re a charming accessory that seamlessly complements your outdoor party attire.

For winter strolls, turn to the enduringly stylish and warm bobble hat or beanie. These cozy additions ensure you remain comfortably warm without compromising your style, making the chilly outdoors a pleasure to navigate.

In essence, hats are a harmonious blend of fashion and function, serving their purpose across seasons and events. Regardless of the climate or occasion, a hat is a stylish solution, simultaneously adding to your outfit and providing comfort. Keep one handy, and you’re always ready to step out with confidence.

3 Functional Accessories a Man Should Always Have

2. Bags

This one is obvious, we know, but it’s worth being on this list as, once again, depending on the situation, having a few different bag options means you don’t take a rucksack everywhere you go.
Traveling? A solid suitcase is a necessity, but when it comes to carry-on luggage, keep it as small as possible and only take the essentials. A decent-sized weekend bag should be fine to hold all the things you need at a moment’s notice. Picking a unique set of travel bags will also be easy to spot at the carousel.

Cross-body bags are brilliant for many occasions. You can get a satchel-style bag for work or school, a small cross-body for day trips and coffee dates, and you could even go fancy with a leather bag for those showier events or parties.

Whatever your style and whatever you need it for, having at least one small, one medium, and one large bag to grab as you head out the door will mean you look good and have everything you need.

3 Functional Accessories a Man Should Always Have

3. Sunglasses

Only have one pair for when you head down the beach? It’s time to expand your collection! If you have prescription lenses or are just picking a pair you love, there is so much to play for when it comes to sunglasses. The shape, the color of the frames, lens color – so many choices!

From timeless designs such as aviators and large retro-inspired frames reminiscent of vintage model fashion, to standout styles such as the alluring cat-eye or the quirky, Tim Burton-esque petite circular frames, there is a wealth of eyewear styles to choose from.

Regardless of your preference, it’s a good idea to curate a collection of diverse styles. This way, you’re equipped to make a statement at any event, all the while ensuring your eyes are protected from the sun’s glare. It’s not just about fashion, it’s also about safety and comfort. With the right assortment of sunglasses, you can seamlessly blend style with practicality, making a bold fashion statement, while taking care of your eye health.

All in All…

Function doesn’t have to get in the way of fashion. Gone are the days when having to carry a school bag was a chore, and hats were something your mom made you wear so you won’t get sunburnt.

Modern fashion has made even the most mundane of items into cool styles. Shop around and find the things that work for you.

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