10 Ways To Start Building Your Sneaker Collection

If you’re ready to begin collecting sneakers, make sure you only shop with reputable retailers.

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Ask a dozen sneakerheads why they started collecting footwear and you’ll likely get 12 unique answers, but they all take their collections very seriously. It might be intimidating to break into this hobby, but with enough time, you will be able to build a collection of Puma shoes and other coveted kicks. Here are 10 tips to help you start building your sneaker stash.


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1. Make Friends in the Retail Industry

When rare sneakers hit the market, it’s not uncommon to see people lined up for hours or even days before the launch date. If you aren’t one of the first few people waiting, you may not get a pair in the size you want. By befriending people at the store, you may get a head’s up on when to start lining up for the latest Adidas shoes for women.

2. Ask About Back Stock

Retailers like to keep the latest shoes out on display, which means older models often end up in the back stockroom. Ask a salesperson if there’s anything interesting available and you find some rare Adidas sneakers for men.

3. Buy a Storage Unit

Sneakers take up a lot of space, which is why many collectors rent storage units. When bills go unpaid long enough, the owner will put the unit and its contents up for auction, which could land you some affordable rare shoes.

4. Visit Discount Retailers

Discount stores occasionally get shipments of shoes, and if you’re lucky enough to be there that day, you could score a few sets for the retail price you’d expect to pay for one pair.

5 . Find Deals Online

Between specialty shoe retailers and online auction sites, the internet is full of deals on footwear. You’ll have to put in the time and be patient, but the rewards for your collection could be great.

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6. Know the Value of Your Shoes

Sneakerheads often sell rare pairs of shoes to help finance additional purchases. Before you put a pair up for sale, you should know the factors that affect value:
• Condition
• Popularity
• Colors

7. Enter Contests and Lotteries

To celebrate the launch of a new model, many retailers hold lotteries to allocate stock or even outright giveaways. By entering as many of these as possible, you increase your chances of landing coveted sneakers.

8. Stay Faithful to a Brand or Style

Serious sneakerheads normally keep their collections limited to a single manufacturer, and many go further by only buying a specific design. By focusing your energy on one brand, you’ll be able to spend your resources more efficiently.

9. Buy Multiple Pairs When Possible

If you’re lucky enough to be in line for a big release, consider buying two pairs if the store lets you. That way you’ll have one for your collection and another to sell.

10. Wait a Few Years Before Wearing Them

For some shoes, the value doesn’t go up until after they’re no longer available. Preserve their value by not wearing them until you’re sure they’re done increasing in price.
Start Your Collection Today

These are just a few suggestions to help you start your collection, but don’t be afraid to try your own approach. If you’re ready to begin collecting sneakers, make sure you only shop with reputable retailers.

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