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Be Ready For Any Occasion With These 6 Wardrobe Essentials For Men

Here are our six essentials to have so you can be ready for any occasion.

Be Ready For Any Occasion With These 6 Wardrobe Essentials For Men
Photography by ©Juan de los Mares

It can take time to put together a wardrobe that allows you to be ready for any occasion, but it isn’t an impossible task. When building your wardrobe, it is vital to have a vast selection of items that are versatile and can help you put together outfits that are suitable for any type of event.

This doesn’t mean you need to lose your personal style, though, all the items listed in this article can be adapted so they suit your own preferences. If you are thinking of giving your wardrobe a revamp or just starting to build your style, here are our six essentials to have so you can be ready for any occasion.

Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is great item to have in your wardrobe as it is very versatile and can be paired with a lot of other things to create unique outfits that will work for different occasions. Whether you want to keep it smart casual for dress up or dress down, men’s polo shirts give you a great base to work with. They can either be the statement piece of an outfit, or they could take a back seat if you want your jacket or shoes to be the main focus.

When building your wardrobe, try and select a few polo shirts in various colours to pair other pieces in your wardrobe. We recommend buying polo shirts that have a tailored fit as the accurate fit of the shirt will compliment your body and elevate your look as a whole.

Be Ready For Any Occasion With These 6 Wardrobe Essentials For Men
Photography by ©Juan de los Mares

A Smart Outfit

Having a go-to smart outfit is essential for any wardrobe. Often, needing a smart outfit can come without any warning, so you need to be prepared and have a few options at the ready. It could be that you need to attend a funeral, or you’ve just been offered a job interview. Whatever the reason may be, it is important that you have something smart to wear when it is needed.

That is not to say you need a tailored three-piece suit, but it would be a good idea to stock your wardrobe with a selection of smart shirts, at least one formal jacket, and a couple of pairs of smart shoes. One pair of brown shoes and one pair of black is all you really need in terms of footwear for a smart occasion. However, if you did want to push the boat out a bit more, you could invest in some smart Chelsea boots or brogues, both of which can make your look a little bit more sophisticated.

Selection Of Jeans

Jeans are an obvious wardrobe staple, but one that often gets overlooked. Many perceive jeans as being too casual, and while they do work in a casual outfit, they also have the ability to look smart too. When buying jeans for your wardrobe, try and buy a selection of jeans in different colours and styles so you have options when it comes to building an outfit.

Finding the perfect jeans can take time, so be open to trying a few options before you find a fit that works for you. In terms of colours, it would be helpful to have a pair of dark wash jeans and a lighter colour as this will help distinguish between your winter and summer style.

Basic Grey Jumper

A crewneck grey jumper is an essential item that belongs in every wardrobe. While it may not work for a formal occasion, a basic grey jumper is a casual essential that is hailed for its versatility in the many ways it can be styled. When building your wardrobe, you may think that you will only need one grey jumper, but we would recommend buying at least two as you will probably find you wear the jumper a lot. Having at least two means that they can be in a rotation, so you are never without your favourite jumper. A basic grey jumper is a great in-between during the transition from spring to summer as it is enough of a layer to keep you warm, but not too thick that you will overheat in the spring sunshine.

Be Ready For Any Occasion With These 6 Wardrobe Essentials For Men
Photography by ©Juan de los Mares

Mix Of Casual T-Shirts

Casual t-shirts are usually the one thing most people have no problem stocking their wardrobe with. T-shirts are pretty easy to buy, and they are one of the essential wardrobe items that will most likely represent your true style and interests. Having a good mix of casual t-shirts is a good idea for your wardrobe as they are extremely versatile and look good all year round.

During the summer, they work on their own and provide a casual feel to an outfit, and during the winter, they can help you layer an outfit. Another good thing about casual t-shirts is that they can be relatively cheap, so this is an item that is not going to break your bank if you want to buy a good selection.

A Collection Of Classic Accessories

Accessories are often forgotten when someone is building their wardrobe, but we personally consider them wardrobe essentials. The concept of accessorising an outfit may be daunting if you have never done it before, but it is quite a simple process and really doesn’t require too much planning. Some essential accessories we think should be in every wardrobe are watches, sunglasses, ties and belts. You may find that these accessories are things you already have in your wardrobe but have might have never considered styling them as accessories in the first place.

Belts obviously serve a useful function, but they can also be used to style an outfit and give it a more elevated look. The same goes with watches too, the function of the watch is incredibly useful, but it can be paired with any outfit to create a more sophisticated look. If you are new to accessorising, try buying a few ‘classics’ of each of the accessories mentioned and start experimenting with them when building your everyday looks.

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