Hot Or Not: Men’s Wooden Wedding Bands

If you are wondering how appealing a wooden ring would be, keep reading for more on men’s wooden wedding rings

Hot Or Not Men's Wooden Wedding Bands

When many people think of wedding rings, diamonds, gold, and precious stone rings are the first on their minds. But these are not the only materials that stylish wedding rings are made of. You can choose to have a wooden band.

Wooden jewelry is not a new thing; it has been around for centuries and has become better with time, allowing for the creation of high-quality wooden rings as an alternative for metal or precious stone.

If you are wondering how appealing a wooden ring would be, keep reading for more on men’s wooden wedding rings before you can rate them hot or not.

The Durability of Wooden Bands

Durability is the question in most people’s thoughts when they hear of wooden rings. The truth is a wooden wedding band can last a lifetime if it is taken good care of.

In fact, a wooden ring doesn’t require a lot of extra care than a metallic ring would. Keeping your wooden band safe only requires avoiding exposing it to harsh conditions like water and performing regular maintenance.

The durability of a wooden ring can also depend on the makers and type of wood used in its creation. If you consider buying a wooden wedding band, you may want to do your homework to avoid getting a poor-quality ring. You can check out these wooden wedding bands from Alpine Rings as a starting point.

They Are Unique

If you like being different, a wooden ring is what you need. The rings come in many designs that bring out that rustic feel that you cannot get from any other ring. A brightly colored diamond ring can inspire some awe, but a wooden ring can inspire admiration without the need to go all out in extravagance.

Just because a ring is wooden doesn’t mean it has to be 100% made of wood. It can be blended with metals, precious stones, or ceramic material to compliment the beauty of the wood material used. This means you can still get a classy ring while maintaining a level of uniqueness.

Hot Or Not Men's Wooden Wedding Bands

They Are Hypoallergenic

You probably have never heard of any person that is allergic to wood. But you must have heard of or know a person allergic to certain metals. According to experts, around 10 – 30% of females and 1 – 3% of males are allergic to nickel, the material used in most rings.

So, if you or your partner is allergic to metals, you have an option in wooden rings. The good thing is you can order an identical set of two and have them customized to your liking.

The Ugly Side

While wooden wedding bands are great for many reasons, they also have their ugly side. Wooden rings are more vulnerable to water damage than metallic rings, but it doesn’t mean you can’t wash your hands with your wedding band on.

Additionally, the glues used to create the rings are easily eroded by chemicals such as concentrated alcohol. So you may want to remove it if you are working with chemicals or sanitizing your hands using alcohol.

Another downside to wedding rings is that there is no way to resize them, so you have to be sure you order the correct size if you buy your ring online.

The Verdict

The wooden wedding band is a winner on many fronts, but whether it’s being hot or not may depend on your preferences or other circumstances, for example, if your skin reacts to metals or not. The bottom line is if you are looking for uniqueness or that rustic feel to a ring’s design, go for a wooden ring.

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